Everyday life is so challenging, from the office to home that we are only left with stress at last. The stress is sometimes so prolonging that it starts impacting health and our behaviour. Yoga is one of the best technique which includes physical postures and exercise to make your mind and body calm. It is the best way to reduce that stress by detoxifying your body from stress. We shall be wondering how can yoga reduce stress, but it can and regular practice makes you feel strong, peaceful and centred. Yoga is magical when it comes to anxiety and stress. Yoga helps you prepare for meditation and stretch out the kinks from your sleep. Yoga helps you in staying calm which gives you the strength to overcome the tough problems. Excessive stress can cause ulcers, high blood pressure, bone density loss and low immunity. Yoga is the best answer to stress as it makes the mind and body relief.

There are multiple ways in which we could use yoga. Several ways for how can yoga reduce stress are mentioned below:

  • Breathing practice

A simple way to involve yoga in daily life is from the breathing. In this, we need to inhale the breath from lying down, either on the floor or in bed, and close the eyes. The inside of your body feels like a balloon as you inhale, watch the breath expand up the low belly, then up into the ribs and chest. As you exhale, let all the breath come out as it wants. Repeat this pattern for up to five minutes. Practice this relaxing breath at night before going to sleep and see what difference it makes.

  • Meditation

You need to crossover your leg onto each other and then maintain the breathing at tern by concentrating on a single point. It gives the body feature to harness concentration even in the stressful situation and you feel relaxed.

  • Physical Movements

There are several other yoga practices which involve the physical body and exercise. It brings together mind, body and soul.

  • Stretching

Yoga includes postures and movements which stretches the body, relaxing the muscles from mind to toe.

Benefits of Yoga

  • The physical benefits of yoga also include the psychological benefits, which helps in the sound body and spiritual soul.  
  • Feeling of transcendence, it connects you with the god.
  • It can be done anytime and anywhere which boost your mind.
  • It lifts your mood, relaxes your body, increases mindfulness and self-compassion which help in reducing the stress to a minimal level.
  • Yoga is a stress reliever, by getting us in a better mood and more focused.
  • Improves fitness as yoga may lead to improved balance, flexibility and strength.
  • It helps in managing the chronic body conditions like anxiety, depression, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Yoga methods include ethical disciplines, physical postures, breathing control and meditation. In many studies, it is found that even a little yoga in the night, evening or morning is very useful in reducing stress and increases productivity.


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