Fashion is a trend to go with the trend and slay in style. There is a lot when it comes to the fashion as there are many fashion tips we might have been following from ages or have taken it from our mothers. These tricks are sometimes helpful but sometimes we need expert advice. Shopping trips are easy and fun if you have identifies what kind of clothes suits your shape and personality. To go in style with the right pair of shoes with the correct bracelet is always great to be in trend.

There are 5 fashion tips culled from designers, stylist and lifestyle expert.

  • Experiment with colours:

Black and white will always be in trend and the most elegant colours but there are more colours beautiful colours to be tried on. Try with brighter shades which embrace your personality. Get started by adding the shades in the closet from the smaller items like belts, bags and shoes. The bold colours enhance the high side of personality.

  • Go, Seamstress:

Clothes that are tailored to fit your proportions perfectly look far better than ones which are not. A seamstress always adds a dart to shirts and dresses to highlight waist or take a couple of inches off the bottom of your trousers to make them the correct length and in shape. Do not dismiss an outfit in the changing room or your big shirt because it’s a little too big around the middle, ask yourself whether it could be amended to flatter your figure.

  • Make Umbrella, lipstick and perfume your best friend:

Be ready for the last moment invite always by carrying lipstick and perfume with you. Umbrella is a saviour if, It is sunny outside or it is raining. Lipstick and perfume always add a boost in confidence. The right shade of the lipstick shall be always applied as per your outfit. Also, make sure you choose the shade which suits you.

  • Attention to washing clothes:

While you wash the clothes make sure you have checked the washing instruction for the dress because you would not like to spoil your favourite dress. The labels shall be checked before washing off the clothes. As delicate new silk blouse clearly states its dry-clean only.

  • Accessories are the best:

Accessories always adore the personal best. Correct statement accessory makes you look bold and beautiful. A necklace will swiftly take a look from day to night, while a well-placed cuff or a bracelet is great for slimming arms. A hat can just easily add a little extra oomph to an outfit. But accessories also have another benefit. They are the great way to demonstrate the knowledge of seasonal looks and trends without splashing out whole new wardrobe.

There are many guides but always wear in what you feel comfortable and suits your personality. Be sure every girl out there is beautiful in their own way. Fashion tips are always useful and follow the trend and help you to make most out of your own closet.


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