The largest island and the smallest continent in the world have a lot more to give every tourist a new experience. It not only has kangaroos and beaches but also has awe-inspiring mountains, interesting road trips, national parks, beautiful waterfalls, world’s most exciting fossil sites, world-class museums, galleries, flora and fauna and many more things to be excited about. Travellers from all around the world visit Australia to explore the beauty and enjoy the nature. As er the travellers, Australia is one of the most tourist friendly accommodation.

Visiting Australia is a must to do on every traveller’s bucket list. The fantastic destinations are just enormous. Some of the best places to visit must in Australia are listed below for you to check and not miss it.

  • Sydney

It is a stunning place with water surrounding three sides and botanic garden covering the south. It has the magnificent Opera House, the grace of the heritage. There are many other things to enjoy aboard a harbour cruise or ferry for yet another picturesque perspective. Sydney is famous for its excellent cuisine, nightlife, shopping and cultural attractions.

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge

It is one of the most attracted places for travellers from the world. It is called “the Coathanger, is the largest steel arch bridge in the world. It was completed 40 years before the Opera House, was built in 1932. It is rising 134 meters above the harbour, the bridge spans 500 meters, connecting Sydney’s North Shore to the central business district. 

  • Melbourne

The second largest city in Australia attracts travellers from around the world for its culture vultures. It is the most sophisticated city resided on the Yarra River with galleries, theatres, restaurants and shops. Shoppers enjoy at the elegant Royal Arcade on Bourke Street, as well as Chapel Street, the Melbourne Central Shopping Center and Queen Victoria Market, which has been selling fruits, vegetables, clothes, and crafts for more than a century.

  • Daintree National Park

It is one of the most ancient ecosystems in  Far North Queensland. The park is divided into two main sections, first is Mossman Gorge, where crystal clear waters gush over granite boulders, and second is Cape Tribulation, where the rainforest meets reef along the white sandy beaches of the Coral Sea. Daintree National Park is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Australia for travellers.

  • Fraser Island

It is the largest sand island in the world which is a great treasure for an amazing experience. Sharks, dolphins, and whales prowl the waters, and the island’s fauna includes wild horses, dingoes, bats, sugar gliders, and more than 300 species of birds resides there. Travellers can explore the rusted hulls of shipwrecks, the coloured sandstone cliffs of the Cathedrals and the bubbling fish-filled rock pools called Champagne Pools.


  • Kangaroo Island


It is the most amazing place in the Fleurieu Peninsula situated in South Australia. Kangaroos make this place the most beautiful to visit. Kangaroos hop along the shores, sea lions with penguins frolic in the crystal-clear waters and koalas cling to the fragrant eucalyptus trees.

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