In today’s competitive world, we are all looking to give our best to stay on top of the competition and thrive more than ever. However, most of the times, we find it hard to do so without any kind of modern technological aid. If you are also one of many who is facing the situation right now, you should be taking advantage of some of the best smartphone apps around to give yourself a productivity boost in 2018. Wondering which apps would do more good to your cause than any others? Here we have a list of top 5 apps that will certainly make your life easier as far as productivity matters are concerned. So, let’s take a look.

  •  Alarmy

Every productive day needs a fresh start. And, you feel the freshest in early morning hours. So, if you have been lagging behind on productivity then you should definitely find a way to wake up early every day and have a fresh start. Alarmy is the perfect smartphone app that you can use to set alarm and it will wake you up and out of your bed every morning without fail. Yes, you can always expect the app to do its job. Why? Well, because it has a unique way of waking you up. It’s not just the alarm, like any other app, that wakes you up rather it’s the mechanism behind it. Alarmy requires you to snap a photo of some pre-registered object for the alarm to stop sounding. Alternately, you are allowed to solve a math problem for turning the alarm off. The choice is yours.

  • Evernote

This is a typical notebook application where you can write down just about anything. The app can be used for writing down your ideas and using rich text to format them. You have all sorts of options from quick to-do lists to the aptest reminders features that can be used with your notes of more important nature. The app can even scan your documents using its built-in camera feature and track everything from your tickets, forms, receipts, etc. The app is so robust that you can even use it for creating your own customized productivity system.

There is a web clipper feature that will effectively clip articles, online references, and recipes, whatever you like. So, you can then use all that stuff any time you may like. Besides, the camera tools from the mobile app can be used for pulling out any important data from business cards, turning paper notes into something digital, and also for tagging notes with the location for retracing your steps and thoughts. The app is just great and makes for a perfect choice for improving productivity.

  • Google Drive:

Obviously, everyone wants some storage space for keeping all their files and ensuring that they are accessible from just about everywhere. If you have a lot of work to do with the web apps, Google Drive is certainly your best option to keep yourself most productive. It is integrated with lots of popular web applications and allows you to sign documents through DocuSign or open diagrams with LucidChart. The complete G Suite application suite having Docs, Slides, and Sheets allows you to handle just about anything you need for your office work and anywhere you want. Of course, it’s all synced through the internet and is accessible everywhere.

The best part is that it is a perfect tool for managing files. You can drag/drop files across folders, launch the recently viewed items with a single click, and sift through all the files as well as documents on Google Docs together. The tool is perfect for increasing team productivity as well as offering Team Drives and shared folders for better collaboration.

  • Pixlr

Yes, we all know that Photoshop remains to be the go-to option for photo editing even today whether you’re PC or Mac user. However, it is often overkilled. So, whether you want to crop a photo or brighten it up a bit, Pixlr is your best shot. It is your best suite that features photo editing applications for both mobile and web. The app comes with lots of adjustment tools for cropping, rotating, resizing, blurring, healing and sharpening. Besides, you can have access to various Instagram-style effects, stickers, borders, and text for making your graphics look fun. You can do all this with Pixlr Express while Pixlr Pro and Pixlr Editor give you access to layers, Photoshop-like tools, editing history, and other smarter and advanced editing options. So, it’s just great.

  • Todoist

Todoist is a perfect tracker app to boost your productivity. The app can be used for tracking your tasks and showing your productivity on a given day or in a particular week. Well, you can even use the app to establish whether you are improving on your way or not. There is also a Karma score in a corner towards the top and it will give you all the motivation you need to see the number moving up and actually increase your productivity. Todoist is a wonderful option for work planning as well. You can add your tasks to the app using its Quick Add tool which recognizes dates, tags, and project names. There are a lot of great options to explore and all of them are just tailored to making you more productive than ever. And, obviously, it helps you keep things well organized at the same time as well.

So, if you have been worried about your productivity issues in 2018, these are a few apps that can allow you to make things even better. You shouldn’t necessarily be using all of them rather go for most of them that fit into your workflow and can help you increase your productivity at work and at home. Just give a few of them a try!


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