Whether you’re using a physical vision board or a digital one in vision board apps, one thing I’ve learned is that creating the perfect vision board for yourself is not a task, rather a journey. Once you start using it, you realize what else you want on your board or what is not working for you and thus needs to vacate the space on your vision board. I started creating my own board about a year ago after using a couple of vision board apps and I’m still discovering new ways to make it better and update it every now and then.

Here are some of the things I did to take my vision board to another level in this one year:

Shift It To a Bigger Space Like Wall

When you start using create your vision board regularly, you realize that the board you started with is not enough. I realized it only in 2 months. So I shifted my vision board to the wall right in front of my work desk and created a sort of vision wall. You can start with choosing a bigger board and keep on going bigger with time.

Use Darker Background To Highlight The Add-Ons

I realized it much later that my millennial pink background, although looked stunningly pretty, did not highlight the things I put on my board. Thus when I shifted it to the wall, I used black chart paper as the background of my vision board. It worked wonders and the colors of my addons popped up better. Not only was it aesthetically pleasing but also a practical move since could focus on the things better.

Furcate It Into Sections

Dividing your entire vision board into sections makes the board more organized thus making it easier for you to update it and follow it regularly. You can use different supplies to furcate the sections like use a cork board for the to-do lists, wire mesh board to add pictures and postcards, a different colored chart paper to jot down your long-term goals and so on.

Experiment With The Format of Your Add-Ons

When it comes to what you put on your vision board and how you design it, there are no rules. So keep experimenting with the format of hat you add. Add polaroids, photo strips, 3D cutouts, fabric pieces, literally anything that you find pretty or motivating. The more you experiment, the better your vision board will be.

Avoid Making Anything Permanent Through Removable Pins and Washi Tapes

Making anything permanently fixed on your vision board may not be as good an idea as it seems. People grow and so do their tastes and goals. SO keep everything semi-permanent and removable by fixing them on your board with thumb pins, washi tapes that do not leave any residue, binder clips and other such stationery supplies.
I usually get colorful and patterned washi tapes. They help add some fun to my board in a pretty way.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding how to create a vision board. You can anything you want, however you want. SO use the space you have smartly and make your board practical along with pretty. Even if you’re using vision board apps, make it a point to create a board that appeals to your visuals. You may think of aesthetics as not important but the prettier your board, the better your chances of seeing and following it regularly.

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