It might come across as a surprise for many, but upon our research, we have found that custom pedometers are in demand, more than ever. Why? With the ease of virality on social media, one of the positives that are occurring is the fact that many brands have started promoting themselves related to fitness and health. Even if you are a marketing agency, you can basically use any product out there to promote yourselves in the best manner possible.

Custom printing has been a prominent and a tried-and-tested trick to promote one’s band. Brands are investing in getting custom merchandise that has their logo on it in order to promote themselves as a versatile brand. For example, recently we came across a brand that was using custom printed hoodies and bags to promote their Brand name. Apparently, the business was into promoting a sports app but turns out they made it work for themselves.

Promote Health

The topic of ‘Health’ has a universal connect to it. You can basically promote any brand through the channel of health-inclusive products. Nowadays, giveaways are a great way of promotion and awareness. If you are in the process of building up your brand, you can easily plan out a giveaway on your social handles and include custom products such as the pedometer, custom apparels, drinkware, office supplies or more that have been imprinted with your brand’s logo. These giveaways are also a good idea for schools, any educational institution, a software company or even a food industry brand.

Order In Bulk

If you have decided on the idea to get custom pedometers for promotion, we highly recommend you to get them printed in bulk. For promotional purposes, you generally have to get material in bulk and this way you get to pay the best tier prices, saving you an extra buck. Many custom branding companies provide you the option of selecting from a huge choice of promotional pedometers. You can choose from a wide variety of styles, colors with added features and more.
In addition to a custom pedometer, you can check out a wide range of custom products can be helpful in promoting your brand. From writing supplies to custom apparels, household items, tech-products like earphones, Bluetooth speakers, you can get it all. One such website that indulges in getting you the widest variety of custom products is


On recommendations from a marketing agency, a digital marketing brand invested in getting custom pedometers for their employees. The move didn’t just make the employees happy, it helped garner interest in the company from their friends and known ones. Such is the magic of custom branding promotions.

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