If you are contemplating going on a holiday alone, you may be wondering what destinations are the best for you to include on your itinerary. When traveling on your own, you want to choose places that will thrill and amaze you but also be safe for you to visit. These are ten of the best holiday destinations for people who are planning to vacation by themselves.


This Scandinavian paradise a great place for solo travelers who want to see natural beauty and modern cityscapes in the same place. Additionally, Sweden is a very safe destination with a high quality of life.

2.New York

You are never truly alone in the city that never sleeps. Since New York is home to millions, there is always something going on no matter what time of day it is. This multicultural hub is a great place to taste foods of every nation and learn more about the immigrants that make this city great. Plus, you can easily grab an airport taxi anytime you need to leave.


London is a great place for any traveler to visit thanks to the wealth of sights you can see and activities you can experience. History buffs can see castles hundreds of years old, while sports fans can see some of the best soccer teams in Europe. Hundreds of visitors stop in London each year, so affordable airport transfers are easy to get.


One of Australia’s biggest and most cosmopolitan cities, Sydney’s famous Opera House and Harbor Bridge are iconic sights that many world travelers have on their bucket list. From the time you get into an airport taxi driving on the opposite side of the road, you will start to see the differences between your home and Australia.


With milder temperatures than most of the rest of Canada and a laid back West Coast style all its own, Vancouver is a great destination any time of year.


Iceland is densely populated, so being alone is nothing new for the residents of this island nation. From the time you take a taxi to airport, you will see less people milling around on the street. Due to its natural position, Iceland has sights that can be impossible to see anywhere else, like the Northern Lights.


With beautiful beaches and a low cost of living, Thailand is a backpackers mecca and a great place for solo travelers to meet like minded people. The taxi to airport here may cost you less than anywhere else you travel.


With white sand beaches and clear blue water, the tranquil nature of Fiji makes it a great place for a lone traveler to do some quiet contemplation, visit religious locations and focus on life.

9.Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina has all the features of a great global city with a flavor all its own. Cobblestone streets with salsa dancers welcome visitors into a beautiful, diverse nation that has plenty to discover.


While it might be best known for the red light district, there is actually much more to this city, including world class museums, comprehensive public transportation and easily walkable streets. Getting to the city and booking airport transfers can be very simple in this city.

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