Illinois is one of the “no-tolerance policy” states against DUI. The permissible BAC level in the state is anything less than 0.08% for an adult driver. For a commercial driver, this limit is below 0,.04%. For a minor (under 21), any amount of BAC lead to a DUI case and if it is 0.08% or above, the minor is liable to be prosecuted as an adult in the court. However, you may be charged even with a low BAC if the concerned officer is convinced that your driving skills are compromised due to influence.

If you end up being in a DUI case in Illinois, here is a glimpse of penalties you may be facing:

License Suspension

License suspension in a DUI can be awarded as an administrative as well as criminal penalty. The administrative penalty is imposed by the Secretary of State if anyone is arrested for a DUI and s/he fails or refuses to take the test thus defying their implied consent. This suspension applied after 43 days of your arrest and thus gives you time to challenge the revocation. On the other hand, if you are finally convicted, the court can suspend your license for up to 1 year. This suspension is in addition to the administrative suspension.

Jail Sentence

Although a first-time DUI offense is legally a misdemeanor, you can still be sentenced to jail time for up to 1 year. This sentence depends heavily on the particulars of the case and the aggravating factors like a minor of 16 years or less in the passenger seat, a BAC of or above 0.15%, refusing to submit to the test and driving over the speed limit. However, there are very thin chances of getting a jail sentence in a first DUI offense.


DUI is an expensive affair. If you get into it, you’re about to lose a lot of money. The court can impose a fine of upto $2,500 for a first-time DUI depending on the aggravating factors. Additionally, you will have to pay for the course or program mandated by the court. That along with court costs and other expenses like license reinstatement fee, you may end up out of a huge amount.

Other Penalties

Other than license suspension, a first-time offender can be mandated by the court to do community service for 100 hours to 25 days. However, this only happens if the BAC level was 0.16% or more or the offender had a minor under 16 years in the passenger seat while committing the offense. The court also mandated the DUI convicts to undergo a drug or alcohol evaluation and get counseling and/or treatment in case of abuse problem.

Ignition Interlock

The court may grant you limited driving rights by mandating installation og Ignition interlock in your vehicle. However, refusal to take the test stripes you of this eligibility to get this permit from court.

A DUI case in Illinois can be complicated to be handled single handedly. It is thus recommended to get legal representation and contact a DUI lawyer in Illinois expert in the state DUI law . A good legal representation cna not only help reduce the intensity of the penalties,
but can even get them dismissed altogether challenging the legality of the charge itself. Get free case evaluation to know better about your chances and take expert guidance before any step to avoid the underlying repercussions if a DUI case in your record.

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