Take a look at the Christmas games we provide you below to amuse everyone at an office holiday party or a Christmas celebration with friends and relatives.

Besides offering party supplies to decorate your house for the Holidays we have also gathered some Christmas ideas to help you cover every detail that must be considered when planning a party, such as a party food and entertainment. Check out our game ideas below!

The Siamese Twin Gift-Wrap

Divide guests up into couples. Have two paper boxes, wrapping paper, two rolls of tape and two bows. The first two couples to participate in the game must sit at a table and try to wrap the present sitting side by side, the one sitting at the left with the left hand free and the right one holding his/her “siamese twin” by the waist, and the one at the right will have the right hand free and will hold her/his “Siamese twin” by the waist with the left hand. The winning team will be the couple to wrap the gift best within the given time (say two minutes).

Who am I?

Choose words on the Merry Christmas theme such as Santa, Rudolph, Elf, Christmas tree, gingerbread man, Frosty, snow, etc. and write them on cards. Pin the name of one of these characters or items on the back of each guest as they arrive. Tell them that they need to find out who they are by asking others for help.

The rules are:

  • ask yes or no questions only
  • answer yes or no questions
  • no removing your own name tag to find out who or what you are.
  • This is one of the favourite ice-breaking Christmas ideas for an office holiday party. This activity will get old and new workmates to start a conversation and get to know each other a little better.

Guess Who’s Santa

Rudolph is waiting for Santa so that all the children’s presents can be delivered. He needs to find Santa, who is hiding.

Have as many pieces of paper as the number of players. Write “Rudolph” on one of them and “Santa” on another and leave the rest blank. Give a piece of paper to each child. The child that gets to be “Rudolph” will say so aloud but the one is chosen as “Santa” must not say who he is. All children sit in a circle.

Santa will start winking at people in the circle (but will not wink at Rudolph.) Anyone who sees that they have been winked at lets out a loud, “HO! HO! HO! Once Rudolph identifies Santa, the game starts again.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can’t miss in your list of Christmas games. Choose from your Holidays decoration the items to be found in the hunt. For example, you must tell children to find a gingerbread man with red buttons, which can be among your cookies. Have easy and difficult clues. Here are some suggestions: a red candle, a gift wrapped in blue paper, a particular decoration hung from the tree, the name of the person who will be given a gift that you can clearly make out by its shape (eg. a ball), etc.

Give the list to all children. If you prefer you can have them make teams so that the smallest kids can play as well. The first team to come back to you with the right answers is the winner.

Don’t forget to include a pinata in your list of party activities. Hear our real sounds Santa pinata go ” ho, ho, ho” when hit! We guarantee a good time for everyone!

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