Kids these days not only should be able to read but read fluently. Reading fluency is the ability to read clearly, properly with speed, accuracy, and proper extension. Reading can be easily taught, but reading fluency needs practice. Fluent reading would be one of the most important skills your kid has while they are in their elementary years. A child that has developed the habit of regular reading will be able to fluently read and have the upper hand in writing over the non-fluent readers. If you are concerned about your kids not being able to read fluently, keep reading to know some helpful tips that you can incorporate in your child’s regular learning session, to make them a fluent reader:


You know how we are often preached, “kids learn what we do and not what we say”?Kids are fast learners. Instead of telling them that they should read fluently, parents should tell kids what fluent reading and proper pronunciation looks like by modeling fluent reading. You should read with emotions, emphasizing over individual words in a specific manner and ask your kids to read the same paragraph in the style and manner you just did. You can also start a routine of paired reading, where the kids can sit with fluent readers and learn how to read accurately with speed.


If your kid is struggling to read fluently despite all the measures, we suggest you get them enrolled in a reading fluency program. If you look up on the internet, you will be able to find several reading fluency programs that can enhance your child’s reading ability. Such programs are devised keeping in mind the complications faced by a struggling reader which are different from the kids that with practice can read fluently. Reading fluency programs aimed at resolving the inability of kids to focus while reading, to help them become a focused reader. These programs will help your child develop fluent reading style along with adept literal comprehension skills that will transform them into a focused and fluent reader.


While your kids are practicing fluent reading, carefully observe where they are lagging. Reading fluency has three essential elements: rate, accuracy and how the reader communicates and set a tone for the sentence. If you find them struggling with accuracy, say they are having trouble reading because they cannot identify and maneuver individual sound phonemes in spoken words. Even before you start with the fluent reading sessions, it is important that the kid can determine how the sound in words work, For this, you need to put more effort in strengthening their phonemic awareness skills.

There is no need to get stressed thinking that your kid’s inability to read fluently can never be improved. As they say “Practice makes a man perfect,” scheduling daily time for reading, paying attention to the words sentences or alphabets they are struggling with, working on what you gather from their progress can help build your child’s confidence to read fluently.

After all, where would we be if not for our ability to read and understand the words written in the book?

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