AI is taking the market by storm but what is it? Artificial intelligence is a type of intelligence exhibited by machines. Unlike human intelligence, Machine intelligence or artificial intelligence gets its intelligence through machine learning. It is estimated that only 15% of startup companies in 2018 are using it with 31 % of companies expected to incorporate it over the next 12 years. Its history dates back to 1943 when McCulloch Pitts depicted an application of artificial intelligence through his model – “Turing –complete.” Before this the idea of A.I was just theoretical. According to Artificial Intelligence Staffing Agencies in Los Angeles County some of the most mind-boggling applications of A.I are:

Self-driven/flying cars

Over the years we have seen self-driven vehicles make headlines through their excellent understanding of traffic lights and different locations. Self-driven cars use computer-based vision, odometry, GPS, and radar to identify its environment. The next generation cars are not only self-driven, but they are also flying. The idea of having a flying vehicle started in 1942 when the Soviet Union tried having their Antonov A-40 tank fly. Currently, flying cars are being used in making door to door deliveries. has started introducing flying cars in 13 countries; this will take the flying car to the next revolution.

Augmented reality

According to Wikipedia augmented reality is a feature where objects in the real world are augmented by a computer hence allowing users to experience the real world in the device being used. In future, it is expected that users can take an image of a location and using augmented reality they can make out which directions to go through. Currently, augmented reality is being used by Amazon to help users identify their products. For instance, if you see a specific shirt or cup, you can take its image and search it in their platform. Amazon will send you similar products, and you can choose which one suits you.


Making investments is always easy but investing in the right company is exceptional. Imagine having the knowledge on which companies will grow to become global companies. Pretty cool right! Well, in 2009, Ira Sages convinced Bob Goodson a QI director to create a computer that will use an algorithm that would identify 50 startup companies that will grow to become successful multi-million companies. Eight years later the artificial intelligence tool proved why it is a good investment partner. Its list included Evernote, Spotify, Cloudera, and OPOWER.


Imagine having all the recipes at your hand. AI has developed further from being used as a rigid application to an application that constantly understands its environment by making certain actions that help it perform its goals successfully. Chef Watson developed artificial intelligence that creates a recipe based on your groceries or what you are craving for. It uses an algorithm to identify all the dishes that your recipes can prepare and then lets you choose from its choices.


AI has been found to possess an unlimited idea of possibilities. Infervision a Chinese startup is using AI to help doctors identify individuals with lung cancer. How does it do that? Well, it uses a combination of face recognition software and deep learning to make an x-ray. Adext argues that the cure to cancer is near and AI will be at the heart of it.


Watching the terminator made most people believe that the idea of an AI was unrealistic. Artificial Intelligence Staffing Agencies in Los Angeles County estimates that AI will grow by 2 billion dollars in 2018. One of the most iconic gifts of using AI is that through certain algorithms, you can invest peacefully knowing that your future is covered. Alternatively, you can escape traffic with their flying cars. Also, you can use augmented reality to help you make out different products, buildings, and locations.

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