As organizations are gearing up to strengthen their cyber-system from every possible cyber-threat and attack, hackers are getting creative with the ways they are attacking the organization.

Every year we see and hear news of cybersecurity breaches of eminent organizations. The staggering number of cybersecurity attacks has made cybersecurity testing a necessity. With the continuously evolving hacking techniques, it is vital that the organization perform a regular cyber security testing on its system to check for any threat or attack and resolve it with immediate effect.

The type of cyber-threat and attack are evolving at a greater pace. Today we are going to list down some of the cyber threat of 2018, which every industry needs to prepare a plan against:


Yes, being able to access information anywhere and from any device through the means of the internet has made our lives more comfortable, but these digitally connected items and smart device pose a threat of massive impact. IoT is riddled with security holes, which make it easier for the hacker to steal the data from the devices and since in IoT, several devices are connected, the threat would lead to a catastrophe. IT professionals around the world are concerned over the possibility of an IoT Cyber-attack.


The cloud technique of keeping the data is undoubtedly helpful, as it offers reliability, manageability and saves considerable money otherwise spent on in-house storage and applications. But since the information is in the cloud without any backup, it is more vulnerable to ransomware attack. Healthcare facilities are the most common targets of ransomware.  All they have to do make use of phishing and send out an email, which to an irritated eye world not look any malicious. Upon opening the email, the user’s will get a mail stating their system has been blocked and can only be back to its previous state once they make a payment.


A significant number of internet users make use of WordPress on a daily basis, making it more and more vulnerable to attacks by third-party plugins. It is vital that these are updates on a regular basis. Additionally, hackers can also make use of man in the middle, which is why they take advantage of an employee conducting business on an unsecured wireless network. With the man in the middle, hackers can easily intercept data of the WordPress sites that are not secured by the SSL Certificates. WordPress sites that fail to disable pingbacks are also at the risk of getting attacked by the hackers.

Now that you are well-acquainted with the latest tricks by which hackers are finding their way into your industrial system and stealing the data, we would suggest you get periodic cybersecurity testing from an experienced solution provider, who will make sure you are offered the best in Industrial Control Systems security services and technology. Only a proficient security service provider will be able to provide you with a comprehensive solution for cybersecurity; from cybersecurity inspection, awareness, to solution implementation.

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