Have you ever wondered whether to buy an air conditioner or a ceiling fan?

Yes, in order to lower down the room temperature an air conditioner is a good choice but it lacks the versatility as compared to the ceiling fan.

Moreover, even if you have an air conditioner you’ll still have the desire to feel cool breeze caressing your hair as you lay down to rest. A ceiling fan is a champion when it comes to providing a cool breeze and breaks from sweating. If you have an elderly person or an infant in your family then an air conditioner is definitely not a good choice.

The artificially cooled don’t temperature may cause joint pain in an elderly body or it may make an infant sick. But a ceiling fan which just circulates the air to give a cooling effect is not harmful to anyone.

A ceiling fan may seem to be a simple appliance with a few wings but its versatility is unbeatable. Ceiling fans can be used anywhere in the house. You can mount a ceiling in your bedroom, utility room, living room, and kitchen or even in your bathroom. You can select the size of ceiling fans as per your need.

You can choose to install big ceiling fans for the master bedroom and living room, and small ceiling fans for kitchen, bathroom and utility rooms. Furthermore, unlike an air conditioner ceiling fans can lower the costs of your electricity bills as they use less energy.

Ceiling fans can also be a great choice for home décor. A ceiling fan that has wings as beautiful as the wings of a butterfly. Nowadays, manufacturers are coming up with fans that are an epitome of creativity and efficiency. Those days are left behind when fans were used for cooling purposes.

Today, ceiling fans have become an accessory of making a style statement. You can mount the ceiling fans on any kind of ceiling be it conventional ceiling or modern ceiling.

You can select from thousands of designer ceiling fans which can be used in your bedroom and living room. Not only this, but you can also use stylish fans in your kitchen to make it look vibrant and heat free. The kitchen space is the most neglected area when it comes to using ceiling fans.

Housewives and maids have to face the heat emerging from the gas burners, heaters and induction cook-tops. A mother spends her entire life sweating in the kitchen so that her child doesn’t have to sleep with an empty stomach.

So, how about turning that dessert-like kitchen into a breezy ocean with ceiling fans for the kitchen. You can choose to install small ceiling fans for the kitchen that has built-in-light feature. This will make your kitchen more illuminating and beautiful and also at the same time keep it cool and breezy.

Moreover, such ceiling fans can keep your kitchen and home insect free as they will not allow the insects to come near the built-in-light.

Ceiling fans for kitchen and bedrooms are easily available in the market. All you need to do is to select a ceiling fan according to your requirement and install it.

Keep your house breezy with the cool and eye-catching ceiling fans from companies like Havells.

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