Discounted Indian Ethnic Jewelry from Bo’Bell!

One special -What?——- that we are doing at Bo’Bell Jewels this season is discounted ethnic jewellery online shopping India. The discounts of ethnic jewellery online shopping India are up to 70 per cent off of their original prices. Below are descriptions of some that we currently have in stock:

Contemporary Multi Indian Fusion Earring Set/White. Put together, this three-piece beauty set looks like a stunned face. These gold plated and white pearl set goes with just about any ethnic or brightly coloured outfit.

Flawless Fusion Beaded Necklace Set/Red. This would look especially stunning next to a white top or saree. The turquoise and true red combination are great for girls and women of all ages.


Royal Ethnic God Necklace Set/White. This pink flowery pendant of the masculine/feminine sides of two Indian deities is very attractive and would look stunning next to any white or very pale colours. It is also tarnished resistant and durable.

Ad Sequence Trail Bolly Anklet/Golden. This simple-looking anklet is designed for women who are fashion conscious. It is made from alloy and is designed to be long-lasting.


Striking Artisanal Necklace Set/Multi. This turquoise and shades of the magenta combination are enough to make anyone stand out. The pendant is a large magenta and lavender combination teardrop with a turquoise-and-white flower on turquoise beads and white pearls. It would look good on any clothing with similar colour combinations. It comes with round turquoise and red earrings. 

Ethnic Artisanal Meenakari Fusion Necklace Set/Blue. The necklace looks like a medal with its large round blue with a gold and white star on it as well as gold and white beads on the outer edges. It comes with a matching pair of star earrings on the same blue background. It makes for an elegant look. It is designed to be tarnish resistant and long lasting.

Cupid Arrow Maang Tikka/Silver. This is worn in the middle of the hair with the arrow pointing down on the forehead. It goes well with just about any colour of clothing. It is made of alloy and is made to be long-lasting.

-Ethnic Designer Earring/Red. These classy beaded earrings will definitely make you stand out in any crowd. There are hardly any other beaded earrings like these around. Since they are multi-layered, they will need to compliment your outfit very well. They are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and skin friendly.

White Bead Indo-Western Anklet/Silver. These simple anklets are combined with beads and stones. As a result, they are more western-looking. They are made from alloy and are designed to be long-lasting.


Leafy Glitzy Anklet/Silver. This simple looking silver anklet has an unblemished finish. It goes with just about any outfit. It is made from alloy and is made to be long-lasting.


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