You have been rescheduling your getaways and trip to foreign countries for many different reasons; you probably have a list of excuses by now. It’s a bet that one of the primary reasons is that you getting the whole process of getting a valid visa and official permission of stay is too much for you! Guess what. You have been postponing your trips for the wrong reasons. There are many reputed and reliable sites like Visa Malaysia for Malaysian eVisa for Indians.

Traveling is very helpful in discovering the best of one’s personality and gets a natural perspective on things. This is why it becomes very important to explore and visit places outside your own culture. Given the cultural and religious diversity of Malaysia, there is always an attached nostalgia for every India to feel. From beautiful beaches and mountains to adventurous activities to tasty street food, Malaysia contains every bit of Asia there is. Doesn’t sound convincing enough? Here is a list of reasons of reasons why every Indian should visit Malaysia at least once in his/her lifetime.

Less Travel Timing

Malaysia is one of the closest foreign destinations from India. Time is always one of the excuses people use to cancel trips or getaways of any sort. Well, in the case of Malaysia, time is not an issue at all. It is at a mere 6-hours flight distance from India; the average time period that you take from moving from one city to another city within India! A trip to Malaysia can even be a week’s getaway for the monotony of your life.

Natural Beauty

Malaysia is filled with nature’s beauty. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beach person, a mountain person, or a forest person – the country has it all. Rediscover yourself with soulful beaches at Langkawi, Tioman Island and many more, find yourself awestruck with the beauty of diverse wildlife of the rainforests and natural mountains such as Kinabalu mountain in Sabah and more.

Street Food And Cheap Goods

The taste of Malaysian Street Food is definitely worth living for. The relishing taste of mouth-watering best of noodles, soups, and many more completes your trip to the country. Besides this, Malaysia is a hub for a variety of cheap goods. Buy souvenirs for your loved ones without going through the expense of cutting down your personal trip budget.

Easy Access To eVisa

This is one of the most prompting points there is. Indians can get access to their eVisa of Malaysia within 24 hours (for as many as 15 days) just by filling online application at very decent pricing. You can also get your eVisa to Malaysia for one month within 3 to 4 days!

There are many such reasons why Indians should visit Malaysia once in their lifetime. Find Malaysian eVisa for Indians easily through trusted sites like Visa Malaysia. Easy eVisa, cultural and religious diversity, cheap food and goods, nature’s beauty and much more, what’s your excuse now? Plan your trip and get your eVisa to Malaysia right now!

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