People are running at a fast pace and have soaked themselves in their careers/studies. In this scenarios, canceling vacation plans have become quite a cliche – there’s always something urgent at the office or some high priority assignment to be submitted. This lack of break can affect a normal person’s life to a great extent and Escape Rooms offer one of the cost-effective and the best break from your routine life.

What Are Escape Rooms And Why Are They Famous?

If you fathom the concept of Escape Rooms wherein people are locked in a room and solve multiple puzzles to escape the trapped room. Sounds fun? Escape Rooms are quite interesting and this is why have a lot of fans from all the age groups. Like every popular thing or game across the globe, Escape Rooms also has a history.  Escape Rooms are a live realization of a video game.

Back in 2004, a video game named ‘Crimson Room’ as launched. It was a video game that became immensely popular during the time because of fighting troubles (solving puzzles) to stay alive (escape a trapped room). A Japanese Company “SCRAP’ finally launched the live Escape Room in 2007 and it is becoming popular ever since.

Due to the level of adrenaline rush, ecstasy, and thrill a live Escape Room offers, it became quite popular and a cost-efficient getaway. There are many providers who offer escape rooms with different difficulty levels such as level 1 Escape Room in Calgary at Escape Hour. Here is a list of reasons why you should visit Escape Room this weekend.


Earlier in this article, I talked about people canceling their holiday trips and escape rooms are the cheapest break you can offer yourself. Live Escape Rooms usually last for one-hour offering thrill, puzzle solving, ecstasy, and much more.

Safe And Fun

Escape Rooms are perfectly safe and fun. Some popular providers of escape rooms even allot a separate GameMaster for each room. This ensures complete safety and merely the assurance of this makes the whole experience more fun.

Team Building

Top providers of escape rooms over bigger rooms for hosting corporate events and team building exercises. No better team building exercise exists than solving puzzles of escape room – picking hints and finding keys to escape a trapped room!

There are many such benefits of escape rooms. Top rated escape rooms also offer various theme options and different difficulty levels such as level 1 escape in Calgary here. Find a reputed provider of escape rooms near you and try them today.

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