The lawyer you choose for your representation in court has the power vested in to decide the further course of the case and this is why you need to make this decision right. People often make the mistake of not putting much thought in their lawyer/attorney choice, only to regret it later. The criminal law has many clauses and it takes an in-depth knowledge and relevant experience for a lawyer to be able to defend your case in the court. Before getting into the details of what qualities to look for in a criminal defense lawyer, let’s have a look at the available options once you are charged with a criminal case.


A Criminal Case: Laying Down Your Options

Once you are charged with a criminal case, you have two options – the first one being choosing a public attorney for your case at government’s expense. This option is labeled as ill-advised. A public attorney has a lot of cases on his/her plate at a time and as such, it becomes almost impossible to study your case in detail. Personal attention to a criminal case ensures extra care for details which is very necessary in a criminal case.

Your second option is to hire a private attorney for your defense in the filed criminal case. This option is often advised because of its multiple advantages. A good private attorney has the experience to deal with many numbers of criminal cases and knows exactly what the court is looking for. He/she works on collecting the required pieces of evidence and focuses on closing your criminal case as soon as possible with minimum damage. Besides, an experienced criminal defense lawyer has access to the right set of resources that are needed for your criminal case.

Choosing a criminal defense lawyer could be really tough because a bad choice here can take you in jail for months or years, maybe. Years. Besides, every law firm, attorney, or lawyer claims to provide the best legal services. You can look online such as “criminal lawyer in Atlanta” to check for ratings on a law firm or lawyer to make sure you choose the right one. Here is a list of things you can look for in your attorney to make the right choice.




The experience of a lawyer in a particular field is very necessary for your criminal case to reach a favorable end. Particularly with a criminal case, the experience of an attorney matters more than anything else. An experienced criminal defense lawyer knows the loopholes in the law and how the court is going to handle your case.


Winning Percentage


This is one of the important things to notice in a criminal defense lawyer. Ask for referrals of previous clients a lawyer has worked with or ask how many criminal cases has he handled till the date. Besides, behavior-wise a lawyer should be respectful but at the same time should have an aggressive attitude to deal with your case.




The reputation of a lawyer/attorney builds with his/her performance over the years and collective representation of his/her quality set. Make sure that the lawyer you choose has a good reputation. A reputed lawyer is not only respected by colleagues but also has the experience of solving high-profile criminal cases.

There are many such things you can look for in a lawyer to make sure that you choose the right criminal lawyer for your case. You can also check online for criminal lawyers – for instance, search for Criminal Lawyer in Atlanta to get a list of top rated lawyers in the area.


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