Because today, it undeniably stands as the top social media marketing platform, the significance of which cannot be denied, and without which your social media marketing strategy is incomplete.

While the studies say Instagram is where everyone is – [800 million users/month], to attract more eyes to your product/channel/solutions platform, you need to use Instagram to the fullest potential but by doing it right with what it allows you to do – posting high definition artistic images, and their captions.

Intriguing right? How a platform for just posting pictures and leaving comments and tagging people can be used to leave an impact, which it most certainly does, and does it effectively. The ultimate goal on Instagram for every marketer is to – A. Gain more followers, B. More Likes. More people talking and sharing their content in comments by tagging their friends.

Let us begin with deciphering [our understanding of] how certain marketers are successfully making Instagram marketing work for them

Design the perfect image

Since Instagram is all about images, this should be your priority – to post interesting images with the best angles, perfect lighting and the best placements for your product/brand. While getting professional photography done of your brand, your workspace or products is highly recommended. Once you start posting on your Instagram, starting with high-quality pictures, you are setting a benchmark and there is no going back. The main ingredients for creating high definition pictures are – the perfect angle and spot-on lighting. Work on your photography skills to get the best pictures that strike a chord right away. Maintaining the best standards in creating the perfect lighting and getting a captivating angle is the deal breaker on Instagram.

Creative Catchy Captions

While a picture definitely speaks a thousand words, it is always ideal to write a captivating caption for the viewers. While many Instagramers try to convey a story through their image captions, it does play an important role in conveying the story.  And added piece of text that helps you learn about the brand better is definitely a great selling point while being able to click with your viewers.

Instagram = Hashtags

To simply put, Instagram marketing or let us say social media marketing in totality today is all about using the right hashtags. Hashtags are a gamut of the most popular search results where users can find everything related or tagged in that hashtags by searching for it. One thing about hashtags – they define trends, and to capture the latest or popular trends being used over the time, you must make use of carefully selected hashtags that are relevant to your post and in alignment with the trends. Currently, many brands are also creating their own hashtags where evyerthing related to them can be found under that hashtag.  

While a pattern has been noted where in order to show up in more hashtag searches, people (in desperation) fill up their captions with tons of hashtags, that is not particularly required. Experts recommend adding 3 to at max 5 relevant hashtags in one post caption.

Call To Action

At the end of the day, we are all looking for genuine leads who are genuinely interested in our product/brand. To make sure these leads can get the instant gratification of getting in touch with you or buying your product or reading more about your services, you got to give them a CTA [call to action]. At Instagram, modesty is the key when it comes to adding CTA buttons on your posts. Before you apply a CTA button, read more about how many types of CTAs are there and what should suit your post better.

Channelize Your Marketing Through Influence

Want to make an impact with your social media marketing Channelize your marketing through influence who already garner a wide following on the social platform. Today, influence marketing is a widely popular way of getting more eyes to your brand. Popular social media influences, who have a good number of following and are can perfectly align with your brand, you should connect with them and work in partnership.

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