If our company cannot locate original hardware pieces for our clients, we can handcraft and copy the antique pieces. We utilize the same process of copy used over 100 years ago.

If we must handcraft look-a-like antique hardware pieces, we hand cast bronze, brass or iron pieces with a look of the original detailed texture, color, and metal content of the original. Consumers have a difficult time telling the original from the reproduction hardware piece. Our clients are excited and pleased at our outcomes for all of our reproductions. We find at least three reasons to redo your home’s hardware.

. Original antique pieces raise the selling value of the structure.

. Restoration of antique pieces is cheaper than buying new hardware or reproducing antique pieces.

. There is no need to make additional cuts in the wood of windows and doors.

The Hardware We Reproduce or Locate as Originals

Charlestonhardware.com reproduces any of the following, offers originals, or restorers hardware. Many times our clients prefer reproductions. Please search out our clearances on antique hardware.

. Door Hardware

. Shutter Hardware

. Window Hardware

. Kitchen and Bathroom Hardware

Our company Charlestonhardware.com sells many exciting hardware pieces for antique looks. Our Brass Patternsis available in Bronze, Pressed, Egg and Dart, Beaded, Roanoke, Rope, and Unsuited Fine Brasses. We can provide our customers with a history of each pattern. We offer a wide and varied catalog of our original antique pieces that are too numerous to mention.

Our Bronze Patterns include Oriental, Rice, Eastlake, Non-Classical French Shell, and Unsuited Fine Bronze.

Our Pressed Patterns include Art Decco, Avelon, 1900s to 1940s Pressed, and Lorraine.

Our Restoration Methods are the Best

There is an essential method in which charlestonhardware.com restorers hardware that is antique so as not to ruin the originality of the piece. Our restoration process is the finest in the industry.

. The first step is to strip the paint off the piece carefully.

. We then clean the part with a unique solution and then polish.

Charlestonhardward.com is expertly restorers hardware of old locks, and then we rekey the lock so the client can effectively use the hardware in the home or business. During this restoration process, we may need to add new spindles, set screws, or replace the parts and pieces to restore an old home or business to its original condition. Many of our customers prefer to restore aged hardware versus replacing these beautiful pieces of time. Restoration makes reinstallation simple because there is no further cutting of the door or window, replace the restored hardware. Customers who prefer to replace antique hardware with reproductions will learn that there is not a standard size for original antique hardware so replacing these with reproductions requires more intensive labor to make the hardware work.

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