There are several positive facts on getting a 125cc ninja bike. This bike is a very attractive sports bike, and is part of the ninja family of motorcycles. The performance on this sports bike has a sporty competitive look, along with manageable maneuvering on the street. This type of vehicle is street legal and contains quite a few several features available on this bike.

The Features Available On The 125cc Ninja Bike

when it comes to driving this type of motorcycle this bike can go up to 95km an hour, or 60 miles per hour. This type of bike provides flexible LED turn signals, along with sleek rear view mirrors to check what’s behind you. this also contains 12 inch black rims on the vehicle itself,and can be driven, on the main roads. on the front of the bike,it also contains a digital speedometer, and Sleek halogen headlights that contain high beams for driving at night. When starting this vehicle, this contains an electric starter, along with a comfortable leather padded seating for relaxation. A horn is also available, along with a 4-speed manual clutch. This vehicle is EPA, and DOT approved along with C.A.R.B approved for CA, and on the back of the vehicle, there is a license plate holder, along with an MSO title that is included with the purchase of a motorcycle. There are several different paint jobs that are available when looking for a bike that sparks your interest, and usually, this type of bike come in a two-tone paint job.

Why Choose Belmonte Bikes?

Belmonte Bikes have pocket bikes just like the 125cc ninja bike mentioned above. they have a huge selection to choose from, and provide excellent customer service Monday through Saturday. any bike purchased here carry a 6 month part replacement warranty that is available to the customer. usually when a replacement is needed the item is held in stock, and shipped within 1 to 2 business days, so the waiting time frame isn’t that long. besides the ninja in stock, they also carry street legal Choppers, go-karts, ATV’s that are gas or electric, moped scooters, etc.

Warranty Available on Belmonte Bikes

after purchasing your motorcycle if a replacement part is needed within the first 30 days, the replacement will be free, and the cost of shipping will be free as well. Anything after 30 days of purchase, replacement parts will still be free, but all that is required is a small shipping and handling charge. Any parts that are needed to be shipped outside of the United States, do not hold any type of warranty, and cannot be compensated for. The 125cc bike comes with a one-year warranty on the transmission, frame, and engine also. Any parts that become damaged during shipping, we will cover the damages and replace the product that is needed. However, if someone ends up losing their keys, or accessories,the company is not held responsible for replacement of those items. Always check safety precautions before driving, and along with purchasing the vehicle to make sure this type of vehicle fits your standards.


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