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Are you operating a conglomerate?

Or even if you are starting with building an organization from scratch, it is essential to have the knowledge and understanding of what comprises of commercial litigation. No business wishes to tarnish their image by being dragged in commercial litigation or dispute of sorts, but you know what they say, it is better to stay informed and avoid the repercussion than sit in the courtroom, despite being innocent. Similarly, it is vital for every business operating individual, team to have adequate cognizance of what entails commercial disputes:


A contract is a legal agreement signed between 2 or more parties, generally with a list of what to do and what limit to adhere by the parties. If anyone of the party breaches the terms and conditions laid down in a contract, this gives the other binding parties legal opportunity to file litigation against the breaching party. In a contract dispute, the party failing to adhere by the condition is often subjected to punishment or have to pay a sum as a penalty to the other parties involved in the contract.


Corporate disputes generally involve corporation and partnerships and are often used as a comprehensive term for several legal arguments. A corporate legal suit can be filed against a corporation or partners in the situation such as mergers, acquisitions, management disputes, misconduct or any personal disputes between the partners. Corporate disputes are mostly solved by arbitration or mediation, the decision of which is final and the parties in disputes have to settle with.


When a consumer charges an organization for failing to live up to the promises of the product and services or cheating the consumer under pretenses. This commercial litigation filed by the consumer has the potential to gather a public outrage and adversely impact the reputation of the organization to the extent that with subsequent decline in revenue the organization either shuts down or has to close its operating offices by court order.

Those mentioned above are only a few of the commercial disputes which also includes tortious dispute, employee dispute, antitrust dispute, trade regulation dispute, etc. While it is a good practice to remain aware and abreast with the commercial disputes, it is equally important to understand the gravity of the idiom, “prevention is better than cure,” in such situation where the prevention would be having commercial litigation attorney by your side.

Are you operating a business in Israel?

Should you ever find yourself in a situation like those mentioned above, we suggest you immediately consult a commercial litigation attorney in Israel, to ensure that you get the justice, and you and your business’s reputation does not get tarnished.

With a proficient commercial litigation attorney in Israel by your side, you no longer have to worry about any of the legal problems, and you would be able to better concentrate on your business. Aside from saving your valuable time and money, a commercial litigation attorney will also make sure that all your agreement, testaments, contracts are legally sound and in your interest, thereby minimizing the possibility of future commercial disputes and claims.

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