The upbringing of an adult defines how they behave, learn, choose their interests, hobbies, and field of expertise. If we look at the prevalent trend – a kid reaches a certain age, he/she is sent to a play school, school, and then to college. Parents, mostly working, find very less time to give time to their kids after their exhausting schedule. The current schooling environment approaches every student with a certain set of rules and has limited options for kids to explore their uniqueness (talents) and pursue them further.

History Of Homeschooling

The modern homeschool movement began by John Holt in 1970 who believed that the classroom environment was oppressive, designed to make students obedient employees and nothing more. More and more people – educational theorists like Raymond Moore, added their voice to this and emphasized that early schooling was very necessary for the development of a child.

Initially, homeschooling was used as a method of educating kids from a poor financial background. Homeschooling, now, is being preferred by aware parents all over the world who believe in personally grooming their child. According to Academic Statistics Of Homeschooling, homeschooled kids performed better than others in a standard test.

Benefits of Homeschooling Your Kid

Homeschooling has a long list of advantages concerning various aspects of a kid. Here are a few benefits of homeschooling.

Individual Attention

A homeschooled kid receives one-to-one attention which allows them to less conscious and more focused. Unlike a classroom environment where a single teacher has the responsibility of watching over the whole classroom, homeschooling allows a kid to grow and learn in a more comfortable environment. This is why classroom students are also subjected to one-to-one tutoring by their parents.

Induces Independent Thinking

“Following the herd” is one of the most commonly used phrases in schools. Homeschooling gives enough room for a child to develop his/her own perspective of things by individual experiments and trials at solving a question/puzzle. This helps a homeschooled child explore grey areas of his/her brain and grow strong through independent thinking.

Gain knowledge, Not Grades

The fear of exams is the most common motivating factor for students to study. If we observe, this has developed an unhealthy learning trend and a common hatred for education altogether among a major portion of students. In homeschooling, your kids study for knowledge and not grades which is one of the best parts. This also helps them explore their passions and talents in a particular field and explore them accordingly.

Strengthen Family Bonds

In homeschooling, parents get to spend more time around their kids which strengthen the parent-child bond to a great extent. The homeschooled kid thinks of their parent as a friend and is more open to them than their peers in schools. As such, the homeschooled kids grow to be emotionally and mentally strong citizens with clearer goals and passion in life.

There are many such benefits of homeschooling. Parents often fear the lack of resources when they choose to homeschool their kid. There are many online portals that can help them with high-quality study resources for homeschooling the kids. You can search online, such as – homeschool math curriculum online, to get a list of reputed portals offering the study material. Happy homeschooling!

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