Are you planning to get Hormone replacement therapy? Are you unsure of your decision because of all the things that you have been hearing? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. There are always two sides to a coin and keeping both of them in mind is only the logical way to go about it. However, there are a few myths that revolve around HRT that need some explaining to do. We have listed a few such misconceptions that have absolutely no truth to them. Have a read why.

Misconceptions Regarding Hormone Replacement Therapy

“HRT is only recommended for women!”

This is one of the biggest myths that exist around Hormone replacement therapy that needs to be busted. Just like women go through menopause because of low estrogen levels; similarly, men go through reduction of testosterone levels in their body which leads to weight gain, low energy levels, and various other symptoms. Men can also receive HRT to relieve themselves from such symptoms and lead a healthy life. This treatment is not at all women-centric and is only given after a complete check of the body to know all the necessary stats.

“HRT is illegal”

Hormone replacement therapy has managed to earn a bad reputation because of its misuse by some people. However, it’s indisputably legal, if used to bring your hormones in balance. It raises some legitimate concerns when used in situations that can be easily avoided. For example, athletes using HRT to enhance their performance is not legal. However, if someone uses it to relieve themselves from the adverse effects of reduction of hormones in our body, it is undoubtedly legal. So the misconception that many people have regarding its use is baseless.

“HRT only works for a set period”

Each body has different needs. Consulting a doctor is a must before you go for HRT. After getting all the necessary tests done, your doctor will tell you how exactly will Hormone replacement therapy work on your body. You may need the treatment again after a few years, or you may not need to worry about it at all for the rest of your life. There’s no harm in going for the therapy for a second time even if you need it. What is important is how your body takes it and responds to it.

“HRT is recommended only during the menopause”

There is no such notion in the medical world that you can only get Hormone replacement therapy during menopause or when there is a reduction in testosterone levels. Patients as old as 80 are getting Hormone replacement therapy due to its incredible benefits and the quality of life that it offers. You can receive HRT in your adult life whenever there is an imbalance in your hormone levels, and its symptoms are giving you a tough time. It not only helps you in relieving from its symptoms but also improves the bone density thus reducing the risks of fractures. Therefore, it has some incredible effects on the body.

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