Your child comes up to you and asks you to buy them a dirt bike. All you can think of after is, ‘Is a dirt bike safe for kids? How do you even ride a dirt bike? How much will it cost me?’, and similar questions to these. I understand that these are all important to think about as a parent. You must consider and question many things about the product and safety of your child. Sit back and relax, we got you covered by writing this article just for you. This is a guide for you in finding the proper kids off road bike that suits your child. Venom Motorsports is a company that sells adult and kids off road bike, motorcycles, go carts, equipment, safety gear, and more mainly in the US and Canada. Their products can be purchased online and are sold to many other countries as well. Venom Motor Sports have amazing deals and offers for US and Canadian customers, such as, free-shipping and no tax. Their bikes are equally extraordinary.

Does Age and Gender Matter?

In choosing a kids off road bike, age matters, but gender does not. Your child can choose any dirt bike appropriate for their age. The only thing that may matter is the color your child chooses and what color is available that may perhaps make it look like it either belongs to a girl or boy. There are dirt bikes available at Venom Motor Sports. Lets take a look at the KIDS 110CC DIRT BIKE. The KIDS 110CC DIRT BIKE is unisex bike that are for ages 4-11. It also has the option of adding training wheels. They have different colors available and you can add a helmet and safety gear to match the bike. For more information and details on the features of the KIDS 110CC DIRT BIKE, visit

Outdoor and Indoor Riding

The two places to ride dirt bikes are indoor and outdoor. You must consider the weather in order to choose where your child should ride or practice for their safety. Outdoor tracks and roads are more challenging and offer longer rides rather than indoor. This should not lead you to think this is not a good option for a beginner, but actually that this can build important skills and maybe learn more than indoor. Of course, always supervise your child to make sure they are safe. On the other hand, indoor riding has smaller space, close- together jumps, and tight corners. It is also, but not always, where kids can take beginner classes for riding dirt bikes if you both choose to take classes. Additionally, this is a great way for your beginner child to learn his or her way of riding and to improve his or her skills.

Safety Gear and Cost

Dirt bikes are completely safe for your child to ride with your supervision and wearing the right safety gear after you have bought the appropriate dirt bike for them. The safety gear worn for safety while riding dirt bikes and which are typically recommended are a helmet, gloves, chest protector, and boots. Knee pads and elbow pads can also be added. A neck roll is a great addition and inexpensive. Lastly, the cost is always pondered on. Make sure you get a dirt bike that is worth its price, meaning durability and appropriate for your child. It is also a good idea to be in sync and connected through social media, email, and phone with websites and bike shop owners for exclusive deals on bikes, equipment, and even racing events.

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