Buying a Screen Printing Machine

Dales way is a company that offers a full range of versatile and screen printing equipments that are upgradable. A screen printing machine is a device that is used to transfer cool characters logos on items such as t-shirts and mouse pads. The company gets this equipment from manufacturers that are leading in the industry and also offer high-quality screen printing supplies. It also provides training on screen printing to parties and people that are interested.

Screen printers come in various types, and therefore it is essential for you to know some important things before buying one. These things will help you to purchase a machine that will meet your requirements. Choosing the best equipment also allow you to produce eye-catching items which are favorable for your business. It may need some research, and this article will, therefore, help you to see the important things you should know before buying screen printing equipment.

A manual machine or an automatic one

It is important for you to know the number of shirts that you are planning to print. Manual screen printing equipment would be suitable for you if you are planning to print alone or if you want to start a small brand. It is also ideal if you are a beginner in the screen printing business. On the other hand, if you’re going to start a big company automatic screen printing equipment would be suitable to meet your needs and it is therefore crucial that you know your business needs to know what type of equipment you would need for your business.

The space that you have

Having a limited space should not be a barrier for you to start a screen printing business. The table press is light and durable and is good for you if you want to print at home. It is suitable for you if you aspire to print shirts locally especially for local teams such as baseball. If you have a larger room, you can go for the full sized screen printing equipment. One of their best advantages is that they last longer. It is therefore essential to know the kind of shirts you want to print or the space that you have to decide the type of machine you will buy.

Know about the number of colors and stations

It is important for you to know the amount of colors you want to be able to print per design. It is also crucial to know about the garments you wish to print to know how many stations you will choose. Adding more colors will require you to have more stations so that you can wait for less time.

Knowing what you want

Keeping your expectations in mind is also a crucial thing. This will help you to buy a screen printing machine that will not disappoint you but give you the desired results.

The screen printing conveyor dryer are essential kits that every printing shop should have. This is because it effectively dries the ink on the shirt other than hanging it to dry which may not be favorable. you should consider several things before buying screen printing conveyor dryer. You should know about its running cost physical size so that to make sure it fits in your shop. Knowing how to clean and maintain the screen printing conveyor dryer is also crucial before you purchase one.

Conveyor dryers are ideally designed for home-based or small shop screen printing. They have adjustable belt tracking. The Conveyor Dyers operates several tasks which include high sanitation, ensure drying is made uniformly and also allow flexibility for sources of heat. Conveyor dryers have a tremendous operating efficiency which is an added advantage.

Vastex conveyor dryers are an excellent choice for small and medium shops that require drying around 190 screen printed textiles per hour. Buying the Varstex conveyor dryers gives you several advantages. They ensure that temperature is accurately controlled and also provides more power. Vastex conveyor dryers are consistent and advanced thus being the best solution for you.

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