How much does it cost to start camping?

A recurring question for us here at MaCamp is the question of how much is spent to acquire the basic equipment to start camping. The answer can be somewhat complicated, as each pocket profile can have different parameters on how much you can spend to experience the wonderful world of camping. But we will try to put here a content that fits each one of them.

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First of all, it is necessary to know that camping is like any other activity that requires a little instruction so that everything goes well, but nothing that a good reading does not solve. It is very common to hear stories of wrenches in the first camp, but although it does not require experience, it is necessary to know some maneuvers and behaviors so that certain things do not become problematic in the debut. (Article first published in June 2017)

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We are saying all of this, because if your pocket can’t afford top quality equipment at the start, there will be no problem, but you will need to take action. For example the tent. There are super cheap tents on the market and they can serve very well for your first camp. However, they tend to be of poorer quality and that is why you should always take a tarp as a cover to protect it from the rain. They are also not prepared for extreme windy locations, so the destination and camping to be chosen must be well studied. If you already want to invest in a quality tent, study the waterproofing issue and especially the type, model and size of the tent. Try not to start with a giant, because the bigger, the harder it is to set up and manage.

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DO NOT GO OUT BUYING! It is especially common for people with greater purchasing power to go out buying everything that is equipment and accessories for camping for the first time. Tables, chairs, stove, pots, canteen, lantern, mattress, camp bed, cooler, sleeping and etc. Remember that camping is a hobby and that it becomes a real passion. So you will really enjoy the new equipment and for that reason it would be nice for you to experience this experience in a very minimalist way, even so that you can better evaluate which types, sizes and models of each accessory to buy with pleasure. MaCamp has a section that deals exactly with the accessoriesexplaining advantages, disadvantages and characteristics for each profile. It is worth reading so that you can get to know the other campers in the camping and choose which one best fits your profile.

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MINIMUM EQUIPMENT: Certainly, the fundamental equipment is the Tent. Chosen, start by buying a simple mattress or mattress so you can see which type is best for your comfort. If it is not a cold place, you can postpone purchasing a sleeping bag and bringing your bedding and blanket—ditto for thermal insulation that is not necessary for hot and mild climates. Lighting equipment is essential, and there are several types. The common lanterns form a beam for the walk, and the tent lamps make a more diffused and distributed lighting. If you already have a simple flashlight, use it while studying which option is best for you. The kitchen issue is extensive. See if you want to cook in the first camp. Some campsites offer collective kitchens composed of a stove, refrigerator, barbecue, and some even utensils. There are also options with canteens and restaurants.

Stoves of various types and options for gas cylinders or cartridges. From there come the pots, plates, and cutlery that will undoubtedly be part of your future junk, but you can initially take your own from home. Dishes are always better if they are made of plastics – light and do not break. The ” refrigerator ” also comes into this idea. There are several types, and the most economical way to start is with the famous Styrofoam and ice. Several campsites offer electrical outlets for equipment. If it is the chosen camping case, you can take a lamp, fan, and other devices, and then it is essential to take an extension of at least 10m and think that most campsites have 220V voltage. Finally, depending on your profile, you can take stools, beach chairs, and other furniture that can be bought or used at home.

WHERE TO LOAD: In the “Nomad” modality, camping can be practiced on foot, by public transport, bicycle, motorcycle, car, etc. Therefore the backpack will be necessary to carry your things, clothes and supplies. This is also an item that presents a diversity of quality and prices. If you go by car you can think about dispensing this equipment for later evaluation. Otherwise, you can start thinking about a backpack that has an adequate size for your belongings and pocket points and anchorage for the paraphernalia. But it’s not just “Liters” that makes a good backpack, but its resistance with the weight carried and especially the comfort that it will offer to the shoulder and back of those who carry it. Do a lot of research.

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PRICES: You certainly expect from this article that we mention prices. It would be extremely delicate to make a specific list of items in the junk. A stall can cost from R $ 70.00 in the supermarket to more than R $ 1,000.00 in specialized stores. An inflatable mattress can go from R $ 40.00 to more than R $ 200.00 and stoves can be purchased for R $ 20.00 up to more than R $ 400.00 a stove more increased. A sleeping bag ranges from R $ 30.00 to more than R $ 2,000.00. Since an illustration is necessary, it follows a very democratic table that proves that any pocket can enter the world of camping.

TENTR $ 70.00R $ 200.00R $ 350.00R $ 2,000.00
MATTRESSR $ 40.00R $ 120.00R $ 280.00R $ 400.00
SLEEPING BAGR $ 40.00R $ 120.00R $ 300.00R $ 2,600.00
FIREPLACER $ 20.00R $ 70.00R $ 150.00R $ 400.00
FLASHLIGHTR $ 5.00R $ 40.00R $ 80.00R $ 200.00
ISOPOR / COOLERR $ 20.00R $ 70.00R $ 300.00R $ 1.0000,00
SCHOOLBAGR $ 50.00R $ 200.00R $ 400.00R $ 1,000.00
TOTAL:R $ 245.00R $ 820.00R $ 1,860.00R $ 7,600.00

As you can see, different pockets, different qualities for different parameters and profiles generate a great disparity in the final price. The best thing is that everything will be equal in the environment of courtesy, friendship and solidarity in the camping

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BEST INVESTMENT: Without a doubt, regardless of the amount spent, the biggest investment will be in yourself and the children. Living outdoors will bring you immeasurable benefits and education will be much richer for living in society.

TENT RENTALS: Although there are not many places that rent tents to travel, there are a few campsites that offer the equipment. Also in terms of protection, there are campsites that offer fixed covers (canvas or thatch) so that you can set up your simple tent underneath. In these cases, we advise you to set up the tent in the open to enjoy the reality of the camp and use the cover in case of any problem.

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GO ONCE! In addition to testing and purchasing products, the most important thing about camping is getting started. Play body and soul. First, be sure to read our beginner’s guide to camping to find out all the details and care. It will be successful and on the way back you will be able to use your experience to build your stuff with great taste and dedication.

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Choosing a Camping

First you will need to choose a camping site for your first camping trip. But first of all you need to understand the philosophy of practice.

Now it’s time to face the “cost” factor for the camp, as all private campings charge lodging fees that can be “daily” or “Overnight”. In recent years the prices of campsites have grown relatively and it is very common to compare the price of camping and simple inns. The true soul camper has camping as a LIFESTYLE and not as a cheap form of tourism. A person who loves camping pays even more than the value of an inn to enjoy the wonders that camping offers. Our goal here will not be to discuss this subject, but to expose this philosophy.

To choose a campsite you will consult our CAMPINGS GUIDE, but before…

First, you must choose whether the destination will be inland or coastal. Study the characteristics of the times of the year for each Brazilian region. For example, we know that the coast in the South is practically sought during the summer season, given the harsh winter. In the southeast, the summer is very affected by the sudden rains on the coast and even in winter the beach is very popular. Also take into account the holiday and its frequencies and for the first camp try to choose a camping that is not crowded, that does not suffer from stormy rains or even avoid empty campsites. With time and experience you will be ready to enjoy a camping trip facing all adversities.

A well-structured camping, with security and leisure options goes very well in the countryside. The coastal campsites already have different characteristics, with the proximity of the beach as a major factor. Choose a well-recommended camping that meets your needs and desires. Pay attention to the type of transport you will use. If any camping appeals to you very much, but you don’t have your own vehicle and the bus is not so close, be sure to ask by phone if someone in charge could not provide a transfer ride from the nearest point to the camping. This is not uncommon.

Pay attention to the level of tranquility you will seek and the type of date that this camp will take. Check the reviews and comments in our guide to make sure that unpleasant things are not part of your first adventure. Be zealous with noise. In camping, preference should be given to the sound of nature and respect for other campers.

ALWAYS make sure the camping works by contacting it first.