Incredible trailers: 10 houses on wheels you would like to own

Taking your home for your vacation trips is the dream of many people, which is why more and more we have incredible trailers planned to unite the passion for travel with the warmth of home.

Regardless of your profile, it is very possible that there is a trailer that suits you, and it was with this variety in mind that we selected the following trailer models – they bring together models for all tastes, but not for all budgets. Check it out and then tell us which one you would choose to call yours:

1. $ 2.8 million motorhome

This is one of those consumer dream machines, you know? The price is not for nothing. In addition to the modern exterior look and mirrored details, the interior of this motorhome is jaw-dropping. The living space is super-cozy, luxurious and very well decorated, looking like a cool bar or restaurant.

It is interesting to see how the planned furniture of these incredible trailers shows us that you can use every possible space to create cabinets and spaces where you can store the most diverse items.

The kitchen of this trailer is also to be envied, and the happy owner will not miss anything when aboard this luxury home on wheels. Luxury does not miss out on sleep either, with a room that has a queen size bed that comes and goes with the push of a button – seriously.

Watch the video above to get a sense of the type of mobile accommodation we’re talking about. There is a fortune well invested, huh!

2. The bus that turned home

This looks like an ordinary vehicle, with the look of a gringo movie and everything, but the interior of this motorhome is surprising, both for its incredible planning and comfort. A little more affordable than the model mentioned above, this teteia costs “only” US $ 500 thousand.

One of the coolest things about this machine is that, at the touch of a button, it doubles in size and becomes a double-decker bus, with space for many people. The interior has an excellent sound system, lighting, planned furniture and basically everything a person needs to survive without complaining about anything.

incredible trailers

A curiosity: this motorhome belongs to Simon Cowell, famous for being a juror in music programs and, apparently, the guy likes to keep his health under control, so he installed a “medical clinic” in this trailer, where he has access to simple equipment to measure vital signs and a monitor that puts you in contact with a medical team. Chic, right?

3. Technological motorhome

Here’s another motorized respectful house, huh! With a clean and very elegant decor, this trailer is a perfect example of a motorhome that does not lose anything for luxury homes.

With ample living space in the living room, dining room and kitchen, this beauty has an impeccable lighting system, many sound and video options, in addition to, of course, its own Wi-Fi system. incredible, cozy and with heated floors, for cold days. Watch the video above to learn more about this model.

4. A flawless trailer

Here is a great model in the selection of incredible, almost ostentatious trailers, which even has removable stairs for external access. This powerful machine is one of the most complete inside, with a kitchen that even has an island, spacious furniture, appliances for all types of needs and, of course, a respectful decoration.

The living room has an intelligent sound, image and internet system and, right after, we have access to the bathroom (with double sink and marble in the shower area: O) and the master bedroom, with a king size bed and wardrobes. left over. In front of the trailer are two guest rooms, each with two beds and individual television systems. A treat.

5. Will Smith’s motorhome

This two-story, simply huge trailer is owned by actor and producer Will Smith. With just a touch, the trailer increases in size and becomes a huge luxury home on wheels. The interior of this giant has specific spaces for many things, such as a makeup area and a wonderful closet.

All rooms are highly functional and have many amenities, such as TV sets, fully equipped kitchen, living and dining room and whatever else you can imagine. The rooms are all separated by automatic mirrored doors, which further increase the feeling of space.

The second floor of this trailer is a conference and meeting room and, of course, it can become a kind of cinema for that good movie from time to time. With electric curtains that can stop outside light from entering, this room is simply amazing and very comfortable. Well done, Will Smith!

6. A trailer for you who want to travel the world

This model is more humble, at least in terms of space. Its interior decoration, however, is to take your hat off. With a fully equipped kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bathroom, traveling in this motorhome seems to be a privilege and a very comfortable experience.

Unlike the other models, this one is not giant, which makes it a proof that smaller spaces sometimes do not owe us anything in terms of comfort and practicality.

7. The school bus that became an Off-Grid house

Talking about sustainable resources is increasingly necessary, which is why this project developed by a young couple left us in awe. They reformed the powerful themselves, which is all equipped with solar panels and was ready for incredible family trips.

The interior of this bus does not lose anything in beauty and comfort, but it is nice to see that it was planned by “ordinary people”, who had no real fortunes to invest in their motorhome.

The rooms are all well equipped, planned and decorated. Looking at everything from the inside, it is difficult to remember that we are talking about a structure that was once a school bus. For sure, of all the amazing trailers here, this is our favorite. Be sure to watch the video above.

8. Mariah Carey’s motorhome

The rooms are all well equipped, planned and decorated. Looking at everything from the inside, it is difficult to remember that we are talking about a structure that was once a school bus. For sure, of all the amazing trailers here, this is our favorite. Be sure to watch the video above.

You can already see that celebrities like to invest in incredible, luxurious, expandable trailers that look like real mansions on wheels. It wouldn’t be different with diva Mariah Carey, right?

We here in the newsroom think, in particular, that the interior is too dark, perhaps due to the colors chosen for the furniture, but that’s okay, if Mariah likes it, we like it too.

9. Is it greatness you want?

Get ready for a huge trailer, with expandable sides that make the interior feel like a big, spacious home. The decoration was designed to receive many guests and not let any of them feel cramped.

With supermodern lighting and sound systems, this motorhome is a true colossus on wheels and will leave many people thinking here that “wow, this trailer is bigger than my house”. Yeah.

10. 1 million pound trailer

Is there any money left over? ? So maybe you can consider buying this luxurious monstrosity on wheels. Essentially, this machine is a truck that has been transformed into an ostentatious trailer that is the supreme sum of wealth.

With impeccable decoration and thought to be as practical as possible, the interior of this trailer is beautiful and extremely comfortable, with pampering like armchairs that make massage and great sound and television systems.

Between the living room and the bedroom, there is a spacious and practical bathroom. And, if there are guests, above the driver’s cabin has an attached bed, which can be brought down easily. Does it look good to you?

Now tell us: which of these amazing trailers made your jaw drop the most? Which one would you like to call yours?

The Motor Home

Motor Home is currently the most manufactured recreation vehicle in Brazil, given the facilities, comfort and convenience it offers. It also shows greater independence and self-sufficiency in the face of the problems that resulted in the camping crisis. A brief definition of the equipment is necessary before touching on some related themes.

The most appropriate term for Motor Home in our Portuguese language would be “House on wheels”. They are nothing more than trailers mounted on new or used chassis of a motor vehicle, such as vans, buses or trucks. At a minimum, the equipment has a bathroom, kitchen and living room that reverts to a bedroom. Its self-sufficiency is due to the water and battery reservoirs that supply the equipment hydraulically and electrically. It also has gas heating, which also guarantees autonomy for the stove and refrigerator.
The best known small Motor Home in Brazil is the Karmann Ghia Safari. It is mounted on the VW-Kombi and houses all these main accessories. It was manufactured from the 1970s until the mid-1990s. From this model, there are Motor Homes of different sizes and brands that reach more than 13 meters in length. Small or large, some models support a modern and comfortable set of accessories and equipment.

The equipment allows you to reach almost everywhere and offers independence from water, energy, food and shelter issues. Consequently, this fact may lead the owner to isolate himself from basic camping issues, such as: living together, socializing in common spaces, having nature as an extension of his “home” and offering, even if with little, a contribution to tourist income. destination city. Installing your motor home in a camping or specific, organized and safe area will always be more appropriate. In cases of absence of this type of establishment, in this or that city, then you can take advantage of being able to park in the urban center, with some disadvantages such as the lack of campers neighbors, outside area, poor security and so on.

Speaking of camping with a soul, one should always keep in mind the fact that campers form a single family, regardless of the equipment they have. It is common to occur in campgrounds, also due to the physical division due to the organization of the space, a lack of interaction between owners of recreational vehicles and tents. As we said, camping has a cycle that depends on each person’s profile, from one piece of equipment to another. Each with its particularities and costs.

For aspirants of this type of equipment, it is worth remembering that the motor home is camping equipment. If you have never camped, it is worth doing it as a tent to feel the pleasures of the activity. Even though it is much more comfortable to travel, a Motor Home, no matter how equipped it will be, will always be a small space housing with its limitations. These become irrelevant when you love the practice and learn to enjoy nature.

To the owners of this type of vehicle, it is worth the tip of not weakening to the charms of technology. Never forget the campers’ principles that bring a high degree of contact and respect with nature and the conviviality and assistance to others. Don’t be in a hurry to arrive, no matter how much power your engine has. Be sure to privilege the city’s camping and its respective canteen, no matter how much your mobile assets don’t need. And do not choose your destination and camping for the needs of your equipment, such as: water, plenty of electricity or TV signal. Even in a “Top of the Line” Motor Home, with air conditioning, inverter and generator, you, your family and friends will be able to enjoy the chance of having a candlelit dinner or lanterns outdoors…