REVIEW: 4 × 4 King Trailer Strap

Camping and Off-Road. These are the allied passions that we have in the soul. Nature and distance from civilization require equipment that can get us out of trouble or strife. These will never be an impediment, but part of the adventures. For those who love to get on dirt roads, cross rivers and do not want any puddle to be the end of the route, there is nothing more prudent than having a tow belt (or tape). KING 4 × 4 made sure to send us your model so that we could test it.

Even if you always travel alone, the tow strap is mandatory equipment in the trunk. This is because if you get stuck, you will certainly depend on another vehicle to help. But imagine having a massive help with the provider without having to pull your car? We have already been through this situation. In 2016 on the Figueira trail in the Lagoa do Peixe National Park, we fell into a flooded mire. With the differential stuck to the ground and without having to support any “monkey”, we just had to wait for another vehicle that would save us. Luckily for us, he showed up and had his tow strap, because we were there totally off guard… alone on the trail.

4 × 4 really? It is common to think that having a 4 × 4 is everything. However, for most SUVs and 4 × 4 trucks on the market, it is enough that two wheels are detached from the floor so that the car does not move anymore. This is because each axis has its differential. This means that if (for example) if the left front wheel and the right rear wheel are “in the air”, they will receive all the axle traction just like the passenger car when one of the front wheels is in the air. For this not to happen, the 4 × 4 vehicle must have a device called “axle differential lock”, which most models sold do not count. Other times, even with this device, the car may not break out if the differential or the floor is stuck to the bottom.

REVIEW: We did two types of tests with the KING 4 × 4 strap. One of them was the most common use, unleashing a home engine that fell into a hole inside the camping with its differential stuck to the ground and unable to go out alone. In another scenario, we used the belt to drag some tree trunks down a street. Shall we go to them?

The King 4 × 4 tow strap sent was 6m long for 10 tons. It has two ends with reinforced lace and comes with a Velcro fastening to keep it rolled up. To the touch, the confidence of being sturdy and resistant is passed.

TOWING A JAMMED VEHICLE: It took a while for an opportunity to test the brace. Not that we even expected a real jam, especially since in recent times we have not had time for very severe rides in the “offroad” category. However, on a particular day before the carnival, a motorhome arrived at the campsite and was stranded. In the chosen spot, little did he know that there was a sinkhole cover under the ground. The rear wheel was buried in the hole, leaving the differential stuck to the ground. Even one of the front wheels was lifted with no chance of him getting out of there without help. It was time to test the King 4 × 4 strap. The Van had two tow points at the front where we had no problem hooking up the ribbon loop. As there were two points, we passed the middle of the strap on the Pajero hitch without great care, since the terrain was flat.

Strap stretched it was time to see the traction. With the gear reduced and in the 4 × 4, we ask the motorhome driver not to accelerate. This way we would test the strap with the greatest effort and also avoid any setbacks. Easy enough, the motor home left the hole, leaving it free to find a safer spot in the Paraty Camping. We do not have devices to measure the force exerted on the belt, which is not really the goal of this inspirational review, but we could feel that the tow tape meets what is proposed.

DRAGGING TREES FROM TREES: In a real need to free the front of a property from the remains of a freshly cut tree, we saw the opportunity to use a tow strap to remove some stumps of logs that would be impossible to be removed with the strength of a few people. Using the car’s strong reduced traction, the belt could be put to the test in a slightly different way than usual. This method can even be a test for a real obstacle on an asphalt road or dirt road. It is not entirely uncommon to have after storms, fallen trees blocking the path. With a tow belt and a heavy vehicle, you can try to remove it or move it away, opening the way to the final destination. In this test scenario, it was not an entire tree, but until the pieces of the trunk were quite generous.

CONCLUSION: We are satisfied with the result of the two small tests and are more relieved to know that we have kept an excellent towing strap in the trunk. This can undoubtedly be considered a must-have for adventurers. You never know when we will have a bug or even when we will be able to help a colleague out of trouble.

While going camping with 4 × 4 King Trailer Strap, here also a helpful Megalite Intelligent Lamp

Dark and messy night in the tent. Suddenly you need to find that thing that was in the bottom of the backpack, but you are not sure if it was under the mat. He takes the flashlight and can’t see anything right. It gets worse when you try to hang it, and the focus can’t illuminate the exact corner where you’re looking. Who never… Guepardo sent us its Megalite diffused light for camping, trusting our know-how and we evaluated.

With the essential purpose of being a luminaire for the tent or avancê, the cheetah has this model called by them “Lampião”. It has good versatility with some functions, at first interesting. To begin with it already solves that problem that we talked about above. Is it a couple? No fights … There is for both of you. One can read and the other cook.

It has two parts (halves) that configure a 360º lighting and that can be divided into a 180º beam, both side by side as well as having two different positions or locations. You can choose to hang one on the tent and one on the balcony, even though they are not lying completely alone when hung. For the 360º function, they have a pressure fitting system. In horizontal luminaire mode, they are attached to magnets.

The rods retracted when together, ensure that the set is hung on any crosspiece or hook and also when horizontally arranged together by the magnetic feet.

A disadvantage felt by our team is due to the high amount of batteries to be used in the set. Eight AA-size batteries (small) seemed too expensive, in addition to weighing well in the accessory. On the other hand, we understand that nowadays rechargeable batteries end up being poorly sized and have little durability in view of the economy in manufacturing and its useful life. 4 batteries are used in each of the luminaires and Guepardo guarantees 26 hours of autonomy.

The magnets served, in addition to joining both lamps, also to fix them in more rigid metal parts, as in the car body for example. As only one is magnetized and the other just a metal to fit the magnet of the other, it does not have much strength for totally vertical surfaces.

The illumination is white with two different levels each time you press the button. Pressing for a few seconds it goes out. Interesting that plastics are quite resistant, including the “lens” giving the impression that it will have great durability.

+ Descriptions: Quick-fit magnetic system; Polycarbonate lens with high resistance to drop and impact; Rain resistant – IPX4; Abs + Stainless steel; Luminous silicone button + magnet; Led: 4 Philips 3535 white; Lighting power: 120 Lumens; Battery: 8 AA batteries (not included); Uninterrupted lighting time: 26 hours; Size: 8.0cm x 14.5cm x 8.5cm; White color; Weight: 0.352kg

Price: The lamp cost R $ 109.25 on the date of this article in the online store of the cheetah. In virtual stores it reached R $ 120.69.