REVIEW: Automatic Mosquito Net for Door – Apolo Trailer

We tested the launch of Apolo Trailer which promises practicality against mosquitoes at the RV’s door.

We tested the launch of APOLO TRAILER. The mosquito net with automatic magnet closure is the novelty that was already equipping the brand’s trailers and which is now launched on the market for trailers and motor homes of all ages and brands. Custom-made, we received an ideal example for our trailer. Tested for three weeks, it was enough for this review article.

Those who camp with a trailer or motor home know that screens and mosquito nets are essential for those looking for the convenience of taking their own home to natural environments. Especially in summer, mosquitoes do not forgive, and screens become practically mandatory equipment in trailers, motor homes, campers, and overland vehicles. In the tents, they are already part of the equipment itself. In windows and skylights, the screens are easily installed in several ways, with rails, slides, velcro, and even systems that incorporate mosquito nets and black-out practically. However, the door ends up being the weak point, since the passage and, consequently, its opening movements, are much more frequent and often with busy hands. A little hesitation and that mosquito came in to keep him company during the night. Faced with a few solutions on the market, Apolo Trailer decided to innovate by equipping its models with a straightforward and effective screen. It is a pair of screens joined by small magnets. When entering the trailer, there is no need to do anything. As advancing the body on the screen, the magnets come apart, releasing the passage. After that entrance, the screen returns to its place being connected again by the magnetic elements.

THE ORDER: In a simple and objective way the order was made via whatsapp. We informed the measures we needed and after the post office deadline, in the combined mode + 1 day of confection, the screen arrived at our headquarters.

UNBOXING: Well packed in plastic inside the cardboard box, the screen is folded and already joined by the magnets in the snap position. Some masking tapes hold the magnets so that they do not come loose before everything is installed.

INSTALLATION: The Apolo screen is prepared with double-sided tapes already attached to the top and side bars. Our old screen (single sheet) had a Velcro system and for that reason we prefer to continue with it not only because of the ease of installation but also to be able to remove and replace it during cleaning / washing. Therefore, we use double-sided tape to glue the velcro tapes that we buy in a haberdashery store. With the double sided, it was not necessary to sew the velcro and they were very well attached.

Provisionally, as our old screen had a right side opening, we keep the Velcro on this side in small segments. In the future it will become integral as in the upper and left side bar. In the bottom bar there is no fixation and the “seal” will be made by the screen bar that will rest against the floor.

USE: We tested the screen for three weeks before starting to write this review. Although we liked it from the beginning, we prefer to test its functioning and possible weaknesses. The screen proved to be immensely efficient. After “getting used” to the central and not lateral opening, I already felt its “automatic” advantages with each trailer’s entry or exit. It is only necessary to “pierce” the passage using both hands, moving the two screens apart and just advancing the body over it. The magnets “come off” immediately without any resistance, and soon afterward, they come back together when the force of gravity pulls the screens back to the “hanging” position. The few times the screen does not return is due to two factors: 1- As the sides of Karmann Ghia’s door are metallic, sometimes (few) the magnets end up sticking there. 2- When our kitchen rug slides towards the door, disrupting the screen to return to its place naturally. That is why it is recommended not only to avoid leaving any screen left on the floor but also to use rugs on the edge of the door.

WIND: We didn’t catch any extreme winds that we could say with certainty that the magnet system can beat it, but with moderate winds in our tests, we can say that the screen has remained very tightly closed.

Just Height – Neither Greater nor Less: When taking measurements to order your canvas, remember that it is necessary to leave the minimum margins for fixing the set both on the sides and on the top bar. When measuring the total height, take into account that the screen is not left over on the floor. As we already said, this makes it difficult for the screen to return to its original position on its own and then receive the reinforcement of the magnets to keep it stretched. if it gets smaller, the gap will be the preferred entry for mosquitoes that fly generally low.


Portable Toilet in Camping

For many years, the Portal MaCamp has published in its “ accessory tips ” a very interesting item present mainly in Trailers and Motor Homes of smaller size – The Portable Toilet .

What most people do not know is that this equipment is not only used for recreational vehicles, but for several other purposes, such as domestic use in the case of children or the elderly, where it can remain in the dormitory and even for camping. of TENT.

Contrary to what may appear, the equipment does not emit a smell, does not have any unhealthy characteristics, and does not depend on any other accessory to be used. Both at the time of use and the disposal of waste, there is no difference in being at home, in a trailer, or the tent.

Like much other camping equipment, the portable toilet is not a necessary item but a comfort device. With it, campers will be able to count on a toilet inside their tent or advance, always clean and for exclusive use at any time.

The highly sought after item for those with young children. With it, parents can rest assured about their children’s behavior when using public toilets where there is a high chance of contact contamination. After a while the person sees that any adult can make normal use of the equipment with something in the comfort of home. No queues, misuse or lack of cleanliness.

In practical terms, the use is simple. The toilet is equipped with two parts: The upper part is the seat + basin. The area around the vat is a clean water tank to be used for flushing, which is triggered by a manual device, much like an accordion inflator: Press and release. The bottom is the debris tank itself. In addition to serving to raise the toilet’s height, the tank can receive around 10L of waste + water from the flush. This tank uses a particular product similar to those blue liquids present in toilets for planes, trains, and buses. It has the task of transforming any solid into an inert and odorless liquid. What separates the two parts of the portable toilet is a gate that must be opened at the time of use so that the waste passes into the tank.

Disposal / Cleaning: The biggest question about the portable toilet is in this regard. Something very simple whose practicality enhances the advantage of using a product of its own in detriment to the use of public toilets. It is exactly in these that the waste accumulated in the tank will be discarded. A small lid will be removed and the liquid can be poured as if it were any bombona. It is possible to do the whole process without even getting your hands dirty and after adding more deodorizing liquid the toilet will be ready for the next use. At the end of the trip, it can be washed with neutral detergent and stored.

In all these years of dissemination, we have received several doubts about portable toilets. The most common opinions of those who do not know are exactly the initial strangeness and distrust of being something dirty or smelly. Completely contrary to bad expectations, the toilet is very suitable for family camping profiles. Regardless of whether the camping bathroom is good or bad, this accessory can be of great value.

This is not a cheap accessory. With prices starting at around R $ 500.00 for many campers it becomes valid. Durable can last for many years if taken care of.