REVIEW: Sink NTK Folding Sink

The Portable Sink for Camping. In the Tent and Also in the Trailer / Motor-Home

Family camping means the convenience of your home in the middle of nature and with all portability. It starts with the tent and some accessories that soon grow mainly with the composition of the kitchen. Now in addition to supporting all belongings on a practical bench, it is possible to have a sink right there in the gazebo or under the canvas. Nautika surprised us by sending this newest launch that fit us like a glove in the current situation. Called “Pia Dodrável Sink”, the portable sink makes life easier for those who like to practice gastronomy or even make the most of campers’ gororobas.

For those who see it, it looks like a traditional table with a built-in vat. It is more than that, as the height is the kitchen countertop. So it makes chores easier. The washing position does not punish the back, as does the handling of the stove that can be accommodated there. The Nautika kit already includes the metal faucet, the flexible braid, plastic valve (drain) with dirt retainer, cover, accordion siphon and one more piece that we will have to discover the function. Yes, she is heavy. It is a comfort item for camping with a car, but in this case it seems to be better to have resistance and durability with a certain weight as a consequence: 12.2 kg.

UNBOXING: The cardboard box packs the product and has practically the same dimensions as the top itself (1.16m X 60cm). 6.5cm is the thickness of it stored. The feet are folded and folded in the low relief at the bottom. There, the included accessories that accompany the product are also accommodated. The faucet is metallic and of excellent quality and therefore comes packed in a fabric bag. In plastics come the valve (drain) with a retainer and cover, the folding siphon, and the flexible braided metal. A curious little black piece still doubts its usefulness. A sizeable transparent plastic wraps around the top to protect your physical integrity. It arrived for us impeccably whole.

ASSEMBLY:  Extremely simple and fast. The two sets of unfolding feet are being locked in the “French hand” itself. The total height does not require fittings or other joints in the feet. A plastic part helps to fix the retracted feet and must be released at the time of assembly. The faucet has a plastic “nut” that is very easy to be threaded for fixing it on the bench. The same process makes mounting the valve (drain) very easy. Then it’s time to screw the flexible on the tap, through its 1/2 inch tip. The siphon is also threaded on the valve. Ready. Now just connect the hose to a tap using connections and extenders not included. It is worth remembering that the instruction manual is not the most didactic and complete, but comes in three languages.

IN USE: The sink / countertop fell like a glove for us. With the temporary use of the fixed trailer in a camping, external supports are essential. So we already used support for a stove and sideboard, but the external sink was still something extremely missing. Not anymore. In addition to the area for washing dishes and supporting the drying rack, we have extra space for a stove and other belongings. The 86cm height is great for this. No curving your back on conventional tables. The rigidity of the set was also surprising. It justifies the weight of the equipment when compared to aluminum tables.

TAP: The light tap with a “quarter turn” valve is practical and very robust. It does not swing on the bench, it has a high, swivel spout and an aerator tip that gives the impression of more water. It sits well in the corner, leaving space to accommodate sponge and detergent

CUBA: It has great dimensions, even within the physical limitations of its depth, which is 6 cm. The water settles there without splashing too much and its rounded corners prevent the accumulation of dirt. The valve is also very neat. It can be used open or with a dirt retainer that prevents food remains from passing into the outlet tube. Clogging it is difficult, but it prevents it from staining the floor (if the destination of the wastewater is this) or from going to the water catchment bucket. Large pots and jars are well served, since the bottom of the vat to the height of the spout is 23.5 cm.

PIPES: The plastic siphon is folded and easily extended and retracted, being able to make the necessary curves for its correct positioning. It has 30cm when fully retracted and reaches 73cm when stretched. The flexible one could be a little bigger. Its 30cm only serves to facilitate the connection of an external hose that can be made with quick coupling kits that are not included in the product. One end has a 1/2 inch thread to screw in the tap and the other end is 3/4 to facilitate the use of garden taps. A simple adapter (not included) is enough to turn it 1/2.

MYSTERIOUS PIECE: A very curious little black colored piece caught our attention. we spent a long time looking for its real function, since neither in the instruction manual, in the publicity photos or even on the internet we found it useful. It is a semicircular fitting that we easily understand that it serves to grab some tube. In the case of the portable sink it fits perfectly on the feet. However, the piece has a clearly shaped end that fits into a hole. The only use we found for her, even without a clear effect, was to use it as a hanger for our dishcloth.

BEYOND WE FIND! Yes … we found the solution. The piece fits perfectly into the tap hole. We understand that it is for when you do not want to use the faucet, but rather a duchinha or common hose tip. Note that the hand shower in the photo does not come with the product . Anyway, as we prefer the ease of the tap, the little piece will continue to be our dish towel hanger.🤩

GENERAL COMMENTS:The folding sink is a hand on the wheel for those who want to do family camping in comfort. It is just not worth it if there is a lack of space in the luggage or the camper is not arrived in very large or exaggerated equipment. The support it offers is immense with several possibilities. One of them for example is to use it as a bathroom top inside a gazebo, where the sink can be used to brush your teeth and wash your hands for example. For those who like to fish, support to clean fish can be essential, including using a 12V shower pumping water from the river or lake. Even at home, the sink can be useful for that barbecue in the garden, where in addition to the support for meats and spices, the washing area will be important. Rigid, resistant, stable and beautiful material. If you notice well, there is an embossed “ruler” on the front of the top. We don’t take much into account, but in the case of fisheries, the fish can be measured right there. However, the marking besides being in inches, has no numbering, having to count the dashes.

SOME OPTIONS: Those who camp know that the range of options makes equipment famous. The day-to-day facilities are always being sought in the camp whose location we have chosen by hand. The position of the faucet in the corner of the counter does not only facilitate its use in relation to the basin or even when washing larger or taller pieces. It also gives us the possibility to use the water spout to fill a bucket or wash our feet. Just turn it to the outside.

FEATURES: Material: Top in resistant polymer and legs in enameled steel; Measurements: 116cm x 60cm x 86cm; Supported weight: 68kg; Weight: 12.2kg; Folded height: 6.5cm; Internal bowl height: 6cm; Height from the bottom of the bowl to the spout: 23.5cm.

PRICE: On the date of this review the equipment cost R $ 598.40 + shipping on the official Nautika website . As it is a launch, it is not yet found in other distribution stores, but certainly the value will be much lower.

REVIEW – PRODUCT and Location: This equipment was sent by NAUTIKA, which relied on MaCamp’s know-how to test its products in the Reviews section. The tests were done at a camping site in the state of Rio de Janeiro.