Trailers RS Meet in Costa Doce

With the participation of approximately 20 trailers, the Trailistas RS group meets this weekend at Recanto da Lagoa camping in TAPES-RS. The camping, which was once part of the municipal sphere, became private in 2013 after 12 years of being closed. Today it receives tents, trailers and motor homes with a lot of structure and even a sewage treatment plant. In the promotion of caravanning and in the intention of publicizing the locality, the Group of Trailistas RS fraternize toasting the history of camping in Brazil. Soon more photos and reports of the participants here.

Camping, Caravanning and COVID-19

It is already a fact! The coronavirus pandemic was established in Brazil not only in the presence of its dissemination but also in the actions of the State and the movement of policies and the press. It is also not new that the impacts of the economy will also affect the camping and leisure sector and nature tourism. In addition to all the precautions more than reported for those first moments, we must take advantage of the protection to work on the appropriate actions that will be missed in the future. Review and planning!

Camping and Caravanning do not have an official representative entity. The ABRACAMPING is idle, waiting for a renaissance that has never been necessary. She has representation in the government and even has a seat in the Ministry of Tourism. Other State or National associations only represent small niches and groups in the sector. The camp, the highest of camping and Caravanning for 20 years, has been trying to clarify and guide the business community that makes up the sector. Various Tourism bodies.


By force of law or the will to protect owners, employees, campers, and the population in general, the overwhelming majority of campsites closed their doors from the last 20/03. But what to do without the receipts? How to honor commitments? What will become of the next holidays that help so much in the annual revenue? These are questions without immediate answers, and only calm and patience will be the right tool to overcome this phase. Tax wages will undoubtedly be made more flexible by municipalities, states, and the Union. Labor issues are already being dealt with, remembering that we are all in the same boat. But what about the future? Unsure as it is, it is time to “take advantage” of the enclosed time to put planning issues into practice. One hour the storm will pass, and the best prepared will come out ahead.

– AMENDMENTS: If you have sold future packages and appointments, make your customers’ lives easier, especially by making the rescheduling process as flexible as possible even without a scheduled date.

PHYSICAL STRUCTURE: Especially for owners who are closely linked to the camping janitorial, how about taking advantage of the fact that there is no way to “leave the house” to put some things in order? Repairs, improvements, paintings, gardening, and everything can be made without the impediments to accessing materials. A lot can be done for when all this is over.

– FUTURE PLANNING: It’s time to put on paper everything you dream of for your business. Even what seems unattainable even more at a time like this. Paper accepts everything, and the best way to make it happen one day is to organize things into priorities. List each topic and underline everything essential to do to accomplish them. It’s time to think about your visibility and what your business has to offer.

– UPDATE YOUR DATA: MaCamp completes 20 years of existence and is the LARGEST and MOST COMPLETE camping guide in BRAZIL. With or without a pandemic, we continue to publicize your camping for FREE via WEB or APPLICATION version for ANDROID AND IOS phones and tablets. SPEND a few minutes to UPDATE this data via a form. The more complete and updated the data in our guide, the greater the response of choice for campers.

– COMMUNICATE YOURSELF: Use your social networks to communicate the camping situation, what they are doing for your planning and improvements. This will make the camper keep his actions and intentions in memory. Count on MaCamp – communicate with us by sending your actions and questions.


We understand that the situation is too complicated. Fixed expenses, suppliers, employees stopped, and their payrolls active, production stopped, without income, and contracts that cannot be fulfilled on time. Many companies still depend on imports that have been paralyzed since January. In addition to running after all these solutions, it is time to PLAN and COMMUNICATE. Take advantage of employees or contractors who can now perform their activities in the “home office” to order which improvements and ideas can be put into practice when everything is restored. The DISCLOSURE question can also become COMMUNICATION making sure that your client does not lose sight of you and keeps track of your positivity during these difficult times.

– PUBLISH your products, your launches (even if they are changed at this time) and your future plans.

– COMMUNICATE with your audience. Show them what is moving in this guard. Certainly your company will be at the top, with the customer.

– DO NOT CUT SPONSORSHIP: Whoever depends on your support counts this for survival and your sector also depends on what he does. Yes, we are talking about MaCamp – the largest entity in the sector. TALK, present your difficulties. A “brake” on support in the face of difficulties does not mean the end or even the stoppage of its dissemination during this period. Remember that you need advertising more than ever.


They must follow the same steps as the industry. Think about PROMOTING your services to your audience. Certainly weeks or months of “punishment” will result in a desire to travel and entertain. Remember that CAMPING is the most economical modality among the others in tourism and that this may even mean a new audience in view . COMMUNICATE YOURSELF, spread the word and remember that MaCamp lives for this FOMENT.

Manfro Tent

The Manfro plant in Caxias do Sul produced two models of tent-trailers, both made of Fiber: Models: Cri-cri and Machão. Although the copy of the photos is not in great condition, it can show several exclusive differences of this tent-trailer from our friend Juarez Kruger Junior. Unlike the famous “camping star” and “trabucar”, Manfro’s “macho” model was all made of fiber, with a beautiful kitchen molded inside, with a sink, refrigerator and cupboard.

Car luggage racks: What is the legislation?

luggage rack rules

Those who camp know that gear (set of camping equipment and accessories) is something that scales itself as space increases. In addition, the desire to enjoy the modernities and comforts that the market develops for the activity makes us feel the need for even more space. In the case of family camping, transportation is essential and the car is the most used means. The trunk is over and that internal space has also been filled up? Then the time has come to use the roof to take more junk. But it is not all or any size that can be taken there. So let’s get to know the rules. [This article was first published on April 6, 2018]. The resolution 339 2020 only orders to obey the old ones (and referenced below) and withdraws some special authorizations for cases that would exceed the measures.

Solange Mariguela Moreira

There are numerous laws and resolutions for vehicles. Some of them refer to the luggage racks, but others can be encompassed by the effect it causes. In practice, we have the safety of the drivers themselves, that of your luggage a lesser degree of importance and finally the final punishment: “The Fine”. For a traveler, any problem with guards or inspections can not only generate fines, but also problems that hinder the continuity of the trip.

RULE OF RULE: In practice the limitation is in the dimensions of the load on the roof of the car. This is because, in terms of inspection, there will be no weighing of what is in the luggage compartment, so this question should be on account of the driver’s responsibility and safety. Before any doubt, the bicycle is an exception to the rule.


DIMENSION LIMIT: The law deals with dimensions for a fundamental reason. The car’s center of gravity is very important for its handling. Although there is a need to analyze the legislation on a case-by-case basis [ via link ], there is a defined load limit of no more than 50 cm above the top line of the car (Y). Also, that the load does not exceed the length of the vehicle body (Z) and its width does not exceed the width of the TOP of the car. That is, it is not the mirrors that will be taken into account and not even the lower width of the car.


NEGATIVE POINTS: If our ability to carry things increases, some things happen at a “loss”. In the case of luggage racks, we have greater friction with the air and therefore less aerodynamics, greater weight of the entire car and greater fuel consumption. In addition, you will be more careful and attentive to the height limit signs at the entrance to parking lots, shopping malls, markets, etc.

CEILING TENTS: Although when armed, they have a height much higher than allowed, when collected in transit they never exceed 50cm. Go easy.

BICYCLES: For an obvious reason, given the circumstances of the bicycle being a metallic, rigid equipment, without resistance to wind and light, an exception is made in the law. So it can be carried on the ceiling, as long as it is well fixed even if it exceeds the maximum height of 50cm.


FINES: We have two. Average infraction with 5 points in the CNH for those who exceed the maximum dimensions and a serious 7 points for those who let something loose and fall on the track.